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FACULTY OF commerce
infrastructure development; African trade and industry
policy; philosophy of science.
Dr Mare Sarr
Director of EPRU; Natural resource wealth,
institutions and growth; foreign policy interventions
in dictatorships (foreign aid, military, etc.) and their
impace on likelihood of dictators to loot and prospect
for investment in the country; Intellectual property rights
in the biopharmaceutical industry (pharmaceutical and
biotech); bioprospecting, intellectual property rights
and traditional knowledge; neglected diseases.
Dr Albert Touna Mama
Macroeconomics (households’ consumption/investment
behavior); international macroeconomics (current account
imbalances, sovereign borrowing); dynamic stochastic
equilibrium models; development economics (informal
insurance arrangements, terms of trade shocks, structural
Associate Professor Corne van Walbeek
The economics of tobacco control; evaluating economic
forecasts; the quality of official data, economics education;
economic history.
Assoc Prof Martine Visser
Behavioural and experimental economics applications
to natural resource utilization; environmental and
natural resource economics; poverty, inequality
and sustainability; social institutions and networks;
applied game theory and microeconometrics; valuation
Professor Martin Wittenberg
Labour economics; economics of the household;
analysis of time-use data; economics of predatory
behaviour (e.g. crime, corruption); measurement of
poverty; microeconometrics; spatial economics and
intergovernmental fiscal relations.
Associate Professor Ingrid Woolard
Measurement of poverty; income inequality; labour
economics; social assistance.
Internship teaching staff
Ms Catherine Kannemeyer
Labour economics; education; social transfers.
Mr Francois Steenkamp
Labour economics and trade.
Mr Sean Muller
Applied microeconometrics; growth and development
(particularly in Africa); choice theory; intergenerational
mobility; methodological issues in economics and
Adjunct staff
Adjunct Professor Brian Levy
Governance and political economy; development policy
and practice.
Adjunct Associate Professor Mark Ellyne
Monetary economics (monetary transmission, monetary
policy, inflation targeting); exchange rates (policy,
valuation, exchange regimes and controls); regional
integration (SADC convergence, African integration);
IMF and World Bank (structural adjustment programs);
country macroeconomic studies.
Research associates
Professor Sean Archer
Economics of human rights; economics of education
training, and economics and ecology of arid zones.
Professor Francis Wilson
Poverty and development; unemployment; household
survey data collection; water policy.
Research Staff
Dr Rebecca Hodes
Deputy Director
Dr Jo Thobeka Wreford
Traditional healers.
Mr Morné Oosthuizen
Deputy Director: Labour markets; prices; poverty and
Ms Carlene van der Westhuizen
Senior Researcher: Labour economics; poverty and
Ms Toughedah Jacobs
Development; poverty; inequality
Ms Natasha Mayet
Labour economics.
Ms Sumayya Goga
Labour markets; poverty and inequality.
Ms Elne Jacobs
Development economics; labour economics; institutional
economics; micro economics; survey data analysis;
economics of education, labour.