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FACULTY OF commerce
Dr Richard George
Tourism marketing; responsible tourism; impact of mega-
sport events; the association relationship between tourism
and crime; township tourism.
Dr Francois Toerien
Entrepreneurial and small business finance; alternative
investments; equities.
Dr Ryan Kruger
Financial applications of artificial intelligence.
Dr Suki Goodman
Organisational and individual learning; training and
programme evaluation; student ethics.
Dr Sure Mataramvura
Financial Mathematics; Stochastic Calculus; Game Theory.
Dr David Maralack
Principles of sport management; sport policy and politics;
sport and development; sport institution building; sport in
transformation; sport strategic management.
Dr David Priilaid
Wine pricing and brand valuations; extrinsic cues; placebo
effects; the entrepreneurial mind-set.
Dr Ines Meyer
Intergroup relations in the workplace; transformation;
workplace diversity.
Mr Gert Human
Industrial marketing and inter-firm networks; strategic
marketing; strategic management and international marketing.
Ms Terri Grant
Business communications in the global economy; scenario
learning and pedagogy; non-verbal communication
and multimodality; graphics; commerce education and
learning theories.
Ms Shivani Ramjee
Health care insurance product design; health care financing;
medical price indices; hospital efficiency models; private-
sector engagement with health care reform.
Mr Justin Beneke
Retailing management; electronic marketing; customer
relationship management & higher education marketing.
Mr Dave Strugnell
Asset pricing; behavioural finance.
Mr Jacques Rousseau
Neuroeconomics of addiction; gambling behaviour and
gambling policy; decision theory; epistemology; business
Ms Debbie Budlender (CARe)
Gender budgeting; costing social security benefits; labour/
employment; poverty.
Ms Chao Nkhungulu Mulenga
Occupational wellness; health and safety; training needs
analysis; recruitment and selection.
Ms Claudia Kalil
Applied language and literacy studies; scenario learning
teaching practice; diversity, community and transformation.
Mr Gaontebale Nodoba
Inter-cultural communication; second language acquisition;
language policy and multilingualism.
Ms Jo Monson
Group and organisational communication including issues
of diversity; agency and transformation; action learning;
adult education; coaching.
Mrs Ameeta Jaga
Work-family; organisational design; performance
Mr Stuart Hendry
and action-based learning.
Ms Elsamari Botha
Marketing research and research methodology; social
network analysis; sales management; positive affect and
emotions in marketing.
Ms Carren Field
Monitoring and evaluation; training evaluation; employee
Ms Adiilah Boodhoo
Monitoring and programme evaluation; training evaluation;
recruitment and selection.
Dr Heidi Raubenheimer
Portfolio construction; management of fund managers
and the business of professional investment particularly
in smaller, less-liquid and domestically constrained
environments; pension funds; cross-sectional equity
analysis; quantitative investment strategies.
Mr Kanshukan Rajaratnam
Decision models in consumer credit finance; credit union
and mortgage backed security modelling.