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FACULTY OF commerce
Associate Professor Mills Soko
International trade, international business; emerging
markets; globalization; foreign direct investment;
commercial diplomacy; regional economic integration,
with a specific focus on southern Africa; public-private
partnerships; economic competitiveness and innovation;
government-business relations in South Africa.
Dr Preeya Daya
Human resources management; diversity, inclusion and
performance; performance management; leadership /
team performance; high performance culture / organisation
culture; employee engagement
Ms Janine Everson
Executive coaching; leadership and team development;
large group facilitation; organisational development;
productive dialogue skills; virtual teams; cross-cultural
and global teams; implementation of small and large-scale
coaching interventions.
Dr Stephanie Giamporcaro
Responsible and sustainable investment; developmental
finance; carbon finance and impact investment; social
studies of finance; anthropology of markets and
consumption; economic sociology; sustainability (green
building, fair trade).
Mr Sean Gossel
Applied financial econometrics; applied macro
econometrics; development finance; capital flows;
corporate finance.
Ms Fatima Hamdulay
Operations management; change leadership.
Dr Mlenga Jere
Advertising; consumer behaviour; social marketing.
Dr Shadrick Mazaza
Health management; personal transformation; leadership;
continuous quality improvement; healthcare quality and
Dr Chipo Mlambo
Investments; finance; financial markets.
Dr Warren Nilsson
Relationship between positive organizational dynamics
(e.g., engagement, creativity, compassion) and broader
patterns of deep, intentional, institutional change.
Dr Eliada Nwosu
Social entrepreneurship; entrepreneurial development in
African emerging markets; social capital/networks and
economic development; international development; global
political economics; grounded theory
Dr Hamieda Parker
Manufacturing and operations; supply chain management;
entrepreneurship; innovation and new product
Dr Linda Ronnie
Managing people in organisations; organisational
change; adult learning; sociology of education; research
methodology; HR good practice and management;
organisational behaviour.
Ms Elanca Shelley
Executive development; systems thinking; organizational
diagnostics and design.
Ms Beverly Shrand
Marketing; database marketing; business administration.
Mr Barry Standish
Macro-economic performance and trends; economic
modelling; economic impact assessment; market size
Mr Lance Stringer
Technology strategy and management; IT management.
Contact Details
Postal address: Graduate School of Business, University
of Cape Town, Breakwater Campus, Private Bag X3,
Rondebosch, 7701
Telephone: +27 21 406 1503
Fax: +27 21 406 1412
E-mail (research director):
Research Output
Authored books
Eberhard, A.A., Rosnes, O., Shkaratan, M. and Vennemo,
H. 2011. Africa’s Power Infrastructure: Investment,
Integration, Efficiency. Washington, DC: The World Bank.
304pp. ISBN 9780821384558.
Chapters in books
April, K. and Peters, K. 2011. Communal versus individual
modalities of work: a South African investigation. In R.F.
Littrell and P.S. Nel (eds), Leadership & Management
Studies in Sub-Sahara Africa Volumes II and III, pp. 51-84.
San Diego, CA: University Readers. ISBN 9781609275464.
Eberhard, A.A. and Gratwick, K. 2011. Independent power
projects. In P. Chuhan-Pole and M. Angwafo (eds), Yes