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UCT Research Report '11
Associate Professor Brandon Collier-Reed
Director of the Centre for Research in Engineering Education
(CREE); the sociocultural characterization of the student
experience; social aspects of technology; technological
literacy of adolescents; podcasting in engineering education.
Mr Trevor Cloete
Senior Lecturer; BISRU, CERECAM; deformation and
tearing of blast loaded metal plates; high strain rate
plasticity; constitutive modeling.
Mr Dirk Findeis
Senior Lecturer; non-destructive testing; portable ESPI
and shearography.
Emeritus Professor Jasson Gryzagoridis
and compression refrigeration cycles; optical techniques
in non-destructive testing; holographic interferometry; ESPI;
shearography; materials properties evaluation.
Mr Ernesto Ismail
Lecturer; BISRU, CERECAM; meshless methods, non-
linear elasticity.
Professor Dora Karagiozova
Honorary Professor; BISRU; analytical and computational
analysis of dynamic systems.
Associate Professor Franz-Josef Kahlen
Lean/advanced manufacturing; laser materials processing;
laser diagnostics.
Associate Professor Ramesh Kuppuswamy
Advanced manufacturing; micro/nano systems.
Professor Robert Knutsen
Deputy Head of Department; Director, Centre for Materials
Engineering; physical metallurgy; thermo-mechanical
processing; texture; microstructure; microscopy.
Professor Candace Lang
Deputy Dean; Centre for Materials Engineering; physical
metallurgy; electrical properties; electron microscopy.
Associate Professor Genevieve Langdon
BISRU; CREE; blast response of structures and materials;
high strain rate behaviour; structural impact.
Associate Professor Arnaud Malan
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Mr Stephen Marais
Senior Lecturer; Electro Mechanical design.
Professor Gerald Nurick
Director, BISRU; structural impact; crashworthiness;
high strain rates; impact biomechanics.
Mr Rodger Nkumbwa
manufacturing IT integration, lean & green manufacturing,
Engineering Management
Professor Chris Redelinghuys
Head of Department; autonomously guided parafoils,
airliners in formation flight.
Associate Professor Anthony Sayers
CERECAM; fluid mechanics; industrial aerodynamics;
CFD; vehicle aerodynamics; engineering of sport.
Ms Corrinne Shaw
Senior Lecturer; Engineering Management; management
and engineering education, systems theory and practice.
Professor Robert Tait
Centre for Materials Engineering; fracture mechanics;
fatigue; assessment of residual stresses in structural
components; applied non-destructive testing.
Dr George Vicatos
Senior Lecturer; heat transfer and refrigeration; combined
absorption and compression refrigeration cycles;
bioengineering prosthesis design.
Associate Professor Chris von Klemperer
Composite materials; processing and modelling of
composite materials and structures.
Dr Chris Woolard
Site leader; Sasol Advanced Fuels Laboratory; fuels
chemistry; polymeric materials; thermal analysis.
Honorary Lecturers
Mr Paul Schaberg
Honorary Lecturer, SASOL Advanced Fuel Lab, engines
and fuels research.
Professor Andy yates
Adjunct Professor, SASOL Advanced Fuels Lab, engines
and fuels.
Permanent and Contract
Research Staff
Mr Victor Balden
Research Officer, BISRU; impact dynamics.
Ms Anya Boyd
Assistant Research Officer, ERC; energy, environment and
climate change.