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UCT Research Report '11
Dr Anne Horak
High risk obstetrics; Fetal cardiac abnormalities.
Dr Stephen Jeffery
Refractory overactive bladder syndrome: treatment,
epidemiology; HIV and obstetric pelvic floor trauma;
surgical repair of posterior compartment prolapse;
interdisciplinary patient care;
Dr Lynelle Kenneth
IUCD in HIV pos women
Dr Mushi Matjila
Fetal Anomalies: Antenatal Pyelectasis; The role of
Kisspeptin and cognate receptor GPR 54 in placentation;
Reproductive endocrinology in normal and abnormal
Dr Nomonde Mbatani
Uterine sarcomas: outcome of treatment; Treatment
outcome and complications of gynaecological malignancy
Dr Vanessa Perrott
Medical education
Dr Greg Petro
Clinical epidemiology; Haemorrhage and transfusion in the
obstetric patient; Termination of pregnancy
Dr Linda Rogers
Vulval cancer, MRI Imaging in endometrial and cervical
cancer, optimal management of early stage cervical
cancer, outcome of ovarian cancer in developing countries.
Dr Leann Schoeman
High-risk obstetrics; Audit of clinical obstetricmanagement;
cardiac disease in pregnancy.
Dr Valentin Stefan
Haemorrhage and transfusion in the obstetric patient
Dr Chantal Stewart
Fetal medicine; Women’s expectations of and attitudes to
fetal anomaly scans; Preterm labour; Ultrasound screening
for risk of pregnancy complications.
Dr Hetta van Zyl
Pre-eclampsia, eclampsia and complications; High risk
obstetrics; Laparoscopic surgery; Caesarian section:
prevalence and outcome.
Dr Linda Walmsley
Infertility: Quality of life, HIV
Contact details
Professor Lynette Denny
Head: Department Obstetrics & Gynaecology
H45 Old Main Building, Groote Schuur Hospital,
Observatory 7925
Tel: 27 21 404 4485 (secretary Jill Artlett) (w)
Fax: 27 21 448 6921
Research Highlights
• Prof van der Spuy delivered the Prof Gaisford
Harrison Memorial Lecture. She also gave an invited
presentation at the Canadian Postgraduate Medical
Educators Leaders Forum.
• A poster by Veronica Mitchell presenting her research
on “Abuse in the Workplace” with University of Cape
Town Medical Students to the Association of Medical
Education of Europe (AMEE) Conference in Vienna
was awarded one of the top prizes at the Conference
(see attached picture and pdf).
• Members of the Reproductive Medicine Unit played
a key role in establishing SARA, the South African
Register of Assisted Reproductive Techniques. ART
data for 2009 were voluntarily submitted by 12 ART
centres, anonymised, pooled and analysed. The 1
report of the register was submitted to participating
centres and has been accepted for publication in
the SAMJ.
• Professor Denny completed the first randomised trial
of the safety and immunogenicity of the bivalent HPV
vaccine in HIV positive women aged 18 – 25 years.
• Her group also concluded a prospective multi-
country study of HPV genotypes in women diagnosed
with invasive cervical cancer from Nigeria, Ghana
and 5 sites in South Africa
Research output
Articles in Peer-reviewed Journals
Adam, A., Jeffery, S., Adam, A., De Jong, P.R. and Arieff,
Y. 2011. Do urologists and gynaecologists manage
posterior compartment prolapse differently? SAJOG-
South African Journal Of Obstetrics And Gynaecology,
17(1): 4-8.
Boutall, A.H., Urban, M. and Stewart, C. 2011. Diagnosis,
etiology and outcome of fetal ascites in a South African
hospital. International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics,
115: 148-152.
Denny, L.A. 2011. Cervical cancer treatment in Africa.
Current Opinion in Oncology, 23: 469-474.
Doumouchtsis, S., Khunda, A., Jeffery, S.T., Franco, A.
and Fynes, M. 2011. Long-term outcomes of modified high
uterosacral ligament vault suspension (HUSLS) at vaginal