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FACULTY OF health scienceS
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Department of
Paediatrics and Child
Head of Department: Professor Heather Zar
General Paediatrics
Emergency Unit
Inpatient unit
Adolescent Medicine
Critical Care
Infectious Diseases
Affiliated Disciplines
Allied Health Sciences
Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Child Health Unit
Children’s Institute
Nuclear Medicine
Paed Anaesthesia
Palliative Care
Paed Pathology
Paed Radiology
Paed Surgery
Poisons Centre
South African Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative (SATV)
Departmental Profile
Paediatrics and Child Health is one of the largest
departments in the Faculty of Health Sciences. It
accommodates the field of general paediatrics as well as
a full spectrum of paediatric medical subspecialties and
affiliated disciplines. The Department provides clinical
services at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s
Hospital, Groote Schuur Hospital, Somerset Hospital,
Mowbray Maternity and Victoria Hospital. These venues
also provide the major teaching and training sites for
undergraduate and postgraduate training in Paediatrics
and Child Health. All paediatric registrars are now required
to register for a MMed degree as part of their training.
The research activities of the department are broad. The
department has an impressive research output especially
in the areas of priority child health problems such as
tuberculosis, pneumonia, infectious diseases and HIV.
The department has an established clinical research unit
at Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, which
includes approximately 30 staff members funded on
grant support, mainly awarded by international funding
agencies especially National Institute of Health (NIH) USA,
European Developing Country Clinical Trials Partnership
(EDCTP), Wellcome Trust, Global Alliance for Vaccines
and Immunisation(GAVI) and the Gates Foundation.
Current studies located in this clinical research uinit
include studies of childhood pneumonia, of paediatric
TB and of HIV-associated illness. Other satellite clinical
research sites have been established in secondary level
and community based facilities, supported by this central
unit. A highlight in 2011 was a large award from the Bill
and Melinda Gates Foundation for a birth cohort study,
the Drakenstein Child Lung Health study to investigate the
antenatal and early life determinants of child health with a
focus on pneumonia. There are 3 NRF rated researchers
in the Department.