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FACULTY OF health scienceS
Takayasu’s Arteritis; acute renal failure and peritoneal
dialysis; paediatric HIV nephropathy; adolescent medicine.
J. Lawrenson
Myocarditis and cardiomyopathy – a retrospective review
of patients admitted to Red Cross Hospital since 1989;
rheumatic fever in South African children; Thoracopagus
conjoined twins.
L. Linley
Kangaroo mother care; HIE and the effect of head cooling.
G. Moller
Neonatal jaundice
B. Morrow
Endotracheal tube suctioning; paediatric respiratory
infections including
Pneumocystis jirovecii
cytomegalovirus; ventilator associated pneumonia in
paediatrics; physiotherapy in the paediatric intensive care
unit; respiratory mechanics; cystic fibrosis.
R. Muloiwa
Pertussis in children hospitalised with Lower Respiratory
Tract Infection (LRTI).
A. Ndondo
Hydatid disease of the spine; epilepsies in
childhood;neurometabolic disorders; the ketogenic diet in
the African context; Rett syndrome; optimal management
of refractory status; non-polio enterovirus infections.
J. Nuttall
Paediatric HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis; pharmacokinetics &
dosing of antiretroviral and antituberculous drugs; immune
reconstitution inflammatory syndrome.
R. Petersen
HIV-1 and optimal anticonvulsants.
V. Ramanjam
characteristics of children with neurofibromatosis type 1;
DAX1 mutation.
N. Rhoda
Neonatal care in rural communities / third world countries;
Outreach; Distance learning; Care of the ELBW in resource
limited settings.
M. Richards
Developmental medicine
G. Riordan
Mitochondrial disease; ADHD.
P. Roux
Paediatric HIV/AIDS; ethics; palliative care.
S. Salie
Infection in the PICU; HIV infection in the PICU.
B. Schlegel
Tuberous sclerosis.
C. Scott
Paediatric Systemic Lupus Erythematosus; Juvenile
Idiopathic Arthritis; Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva;
HIV Arthropathy
A. Spitaels
Paediatric endocrinology, metabolism and diabetes; social
circumstances, diabetes control, intersex.
P. Springer
Management and outcome in tuberculous meningitis;
neurodevelopment in children with HIV/Aids (with
Stellenbosch University).
G. Swingler
Systemic literature reviews; clinical epidemiology/
evidence-based health care; epidemiology of clinical
research; research methods; diagnostic test accuracy;
diarrhoeal disease; respiratory infections.
C. Thomson
Follow-up of the high risk infant; HIE and the effect of head
L. Tooke
Neonatal research including PMTCT; general paediatrics.
F. Van Bever Donker
Botulinum therapy in cerebral palsy.
A. (Niki) van Niekerk
Neonatal cardiology.
A. Vanker
Indoor air pollution and tobacco smoke exposure and
the effects on lung health.Determinants of childhood
K. Walker
Sydenham’s chorea; post streptococcal movement
disorders. HIV and optimal anticonvulsants
A.T. Westwood
Epidemiology, diagnosis and management of cystic fibrosis
in South Africa; management of acute diarrhoea; causes
of death among children; epidemiology of chronic illness
in South Africa; health systems for children with long-term
health conditions; policy perspectives on children with
long term health conditions; adolescent health.
J. Wilmshurst
Spinal muscular atrophy; limb girdle muscular dystrophy;