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UCT Research Report '11
Research Fields and Staff
M. Hendricks
Development of paediatric food-based dietary guidelines
in South Africa; evaluation of tactile stimulation in infants
born to HIV-infected mothers; vitamin A supplementation;
management of children with severe malnutrition; human
rights and nutrition.
J. Shea
Healthpromotion andeducation; the adaptation andpiloting
of a behavioural intervention to support HIV+ women in the
core domains of health, mental health, parenting and HIV
prevention for use by non-governmental organizations;
an assessment of the feasibility of intervention trials on
tuberculosis prevention in schools in the Western Cape
Province; development of a certificate course in clinical
Children’s Institute
Director: Prof. Shirley Pendlebury
The Children’s Institute aims to contribute knowledge
and understanding to promotion of policies which govern
improvement of child well-being, and fulfillment of the
rights of all South Africa’s children, with special emphasis
on children rendered vulnerable by a range of difficult
circumstances. It addresses the needs and rights of South
Africa’s children through policy research, advocacy and
education and other academic activities that contribute
to improvement in the policy analysis, formulation,
implementation and evaluation processes.
Permanent and long-term contract staff
Senior Lecturers (Snr Researchers)
Lecturers (Researchers)
PASS (Administrative)
PASS (Scientific and Technical)
Research Fields and Staff
Professor Shirley Pendlebury
Director; Education; teacher education & development;
participatory democracy & social justice; public reasoning.
Lizette Berry
Senior researcher; Child socio-economic rights indicators;
child poverty.
Ariane De Lannoy
Senior researcher;Youth in rapidly changing,
urban environments; Perceptions of opportunity structure;
Education, identity and educational decision-making; HIV/
Katharine Hall
Senior researcher; Child poverty; socio-economic rights.
Lucy Jamieson
Senior advocacy co-ordinator; Child rights; participatory
democracy; governance; law reform & policy development.
Andile Mayekiso
Researcher; HIV/AIDS; migration studies; infants & HIV/
AIDS; street children; social policy.
Helen Meintjes
Senior Researcher; HIV/AIDS & children; alternative care;
social policy; children’s participation; media
Dr Tendai Nhenga-Chakarisa
Senior researcher; International law; human rights law;
child rights; child labour; applying international children’s
rights law in African cultural contexts; curriculum design
& legal drafting.
Paula Proudlock
Senior Legal Researcher; Child rights; legislative review;
law reform; democracy & governance; socio-economic
rights for children.
Norma Rudolph
Senior researcher; Child rights; action research &
appreciative inquiry; education; HIV/AIDS & children;
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