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FACULTY OF health scienceS
successful immunotherapy; Investigation of the role of T
cells in drug-responsive and extensively drug-resistant
(XDR) tuberculosis.
Dr William Horsnell PhD
UCT Lecturer in Immunology. Associate member of IIDMM.
C2 NRF rating. Convener of IDI Honours postgraduate
degree. Research profile: Immunity to helminth infections.
Maternal and co-infection immunity. Acetylchoine signalling
in the immune system.
Dr Heather Jaspan MD, PhD, FAAP
Senior Lecturer. Associate member of the IIDMM. Research
Profile: Investigating immune activation, T cell immunity
and susceptibility to HIV in infants.
PASS staff
Lizette Fick -
Faried Abbass -
P3 Assistant
George Jacobs -
Laboratory Assistant
Sarah Lottering -
Laboratory Assistant
Chadrick John -
Laboratory Assistant
Ruben Mqambeli -
Laboratory Assistant
Wendy Dryding -
Technical Assistant
Dhuraiyah Abdullatief -
Gloria McKinnon -
NHLS Staff
Derek Taljaard - Laboratory Manager, Tissue
Shireen Maart -
Beghum Pillay -
James Banks -
Gita Shiba -
Jonas Kolikile -
Terry Schlaphoff -
Senior Technologist
(South African
Bone Marrow Registry)
Veronica Borrill -
Senior Technologist (South African
Bone Marrow Registry)
Dr Marcia Watkins -
Laboratory Manager, Clinical
Immunology and Allergy
Erna Kotze -
Honorary Staff Members
Prof. Bernhard Ryffel
Director: Institute Transgenose- CNRS; Research profile:
i) Immunology of Infectious diseases: Tuberculosis; HIV/
Aids; Prion protein infection; ii) Allergy; iii) Vaccines
A/Professor Gordon Brown, PhD
Honorary Professor of Immunology; Adjunct Member of
IIDMM; 6th Century chair of Immunology, University of
Aberdeen; Research Profile: Innate immunity to Candidiasis
and Tuberculosis; C-type lectin recptors in infection and
homeostasis; Immunomodulatory effects of Beta-glucans.
A/Prof Andreas Lopata
Group Leader: Molecular Immunology; Academic Adviser
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
James Cook University, Australia; Seafood allergies and
Occupational Allergies in workers in seafood industry
Research Contract Staff
Bartha Fenemore –
Ronald Dreyer –
FACS Technician
Rayaana Fredericks -
Research Assistant
Fadwah Booley -
Research Assistant
Dr Anita Schwegmann -
Research Scientist (left in
Dr Nasiema Allie -
Junior Lecturer
Postdoctoral Fellows
Dr Reto Guler
investigate using 4 different pathogens, i.e. Listeria
monocytogenes, mycobacteria tuberculosis, mycobacteria
bovis BCG, and Leishmania major
Dr Natalie Nieuwenhuizen
Characterization of Anisakis Allergens
Dr Mark Barkhuizen:
The Role of Interleukin-12 in Pathogenic Trypanasome
Dr Roanne Keeton
TB Immunology
Dr Frank Kirstein
Investigation of immune responses in different mouse
models of allergic asthma”
Dr Melanie Breton-Revaz
IL-4 Receptor-dependent Lymphocyte responses to
Dr Nai-Jen Hsu
Understanding TNF-TNFR signaling and its impact on
microglia-neuronal cell interaction
Dr Tiroyaone Brombacher
Neuro-immunological effects of Nippostrongylus
brasiliensis on cognitive function.
Dr Roanne Keeton
The role of TNFR signalling in pulmonary tuberculosis
Dr Saskia Scmidt (left in 2011)
Dr Suzana Savvi (left in 2011)