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UCT Research Report '11
Cobus Olivier
HIV Immunology
Andreia Soares
HIV Immunology and Pathogenesis
Zekariah Ginbol
HIV Immunology and Pathogenesis
Nobubelo Ngandu
HIV Diversity and Pathogenesis
Administrative Staff
Rezahna Batchelor
Nyameka Mhlonyelwa-Mona
PA to Head of Division and Divisional Secretary
Kathryn Norman
Project Administrator
Contact Details
Postal Address:
Division of Medical Virology, Wernher and Beit Building
South Wing, University of Cape Town, Faculty Health
Sciences, Anzio Road, 7925
Telephone: +27 21 406 6983
Fax: +27 21 406 6682
Research output
Edited books
Smythe, D.L., Pithey, B. and Artz, L.M. (eds) 2011. Sexual
OffencesCommentary: Act 32 of 2007. 344pp. 2011. Claremont,
Cape Town: Juta & Co. Ltd. ISBN 978-07021-8602-8.
Chapters in books
Blackburn, J. and Shoko, A. 2011. Proteion Function
microarrays for customised systems-oriented proteome
analysis. In U. Korf (ed.), Proetin Microarrays. USA:
Humana Press Inc. ISBN 978-1-61779-285-4.
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Vuppu, V. and Mulder, N.J. 2011. Analysis of duplicate
gene families in microbial genomes and application to
the study of gene duplication in M. tuberculosis. In F.
Friedberg (ed.), Gene Duplication, pp. 173-196. Croatia:
Intech. ISBN 978-953-307-387-3.
Articles in Peer-reviewed Journals
Abrahams, N., Jewkes, R., Martin, L.J. and Mathews, S.
2011. Forensic Medicine in South Africa: Associations
between Medical Practice and Legal Case Progression
and Outcomes in Female Murders. PLoS One, 6(12):
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Beukes, D. 2011. Identification and
in vitro
cancer activity of a series of halogenated monoterpenes
isoated from the South African seaweeds
Plocamium suhrii
Plocamium cornutum
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Papillomavirus is Associated with HIV Acquisition among
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and Critical Care Medicine, 183: 1153-1163.