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FACULTY OF health scienceS
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Department of Health and
Rehabilitation Sciences
The Department of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences is a
multi-professional Department, and offers undergraduate
and postgraduate programmes in Audiology, Speech
and Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy, and
Physiotherapy. The Department also offers Postgraduate
Diplomas, Master’s and PhD programmes in Disability
Studies and Nursing.
2011 was a productive year with regard to research
activities and graduation of postgraduate candidates.
Professor Jelsma’s NRF rating was upgraded to a C2
rating. Four staff members were promoted to Associate
Professor (Roshaan Galvaan, Pat Mayers, and Elewani
Ramugondo) and Senior Lecturer (Gillian Ferguson)
respectively. Professor Steve Ersser was appointed as an
Honorary Professor to the Division of Nursing to develop
collaborative research in dermatology nursing. Naeema
Abrahams was appointed as an Honorary Associate
Professor to the Division of Nursing for teaching clinical
research methods. Two staff members obtained their
PhD’s (Helen Buchanan and Una Kyriacos). In addition,
in 2011 the Department achieved the best throughput rate
of postgraduate candidates to date, with four PhD and 17
master’s Graduates.The Department was awarded its first
postdoctoral scholarship in Disability. Judy McKenzie is
conducting research in the domain of intellectual disability.
In 2011, the Department also adopted a five-year strategy
to accelerate the throughput of staff doing PhDs. Currently
53% of staff have PhDs, and the Department is targeting
75% of staff with PhDs by 2015. This programme has
been supported by the Emerging Researcher Programme
and the Research Office.
Researcher received funding for numerous research
activities. Harsha Kathard completed the final phase
of the NRF Thuthuka funded project on Enhancing
Communication in Classrooms project. Eve Duncan
continued to lead the SANPAD research team investigating
disabled persons access to service delivery in Mpoza in
the Eastern Cape. A Disability Research Dissemination
Symposium was held at the UCT Faculty of Health
Sciences in November 2011 to identify strategies that
would close the gap between policy, service delivery and
curriculum for disability inclusive development.
Theresa Lorenzo received funding from the NRF
Community Engagement Strategy Fund for the Disabled
Youth Enabling Sustainable Livelihoods (DYESL) study,
which investigates the strategies of disabled youth in
sustaining their livelihoods. The Division of Disability
Studies collaborated with Occupational Therapy
departments of five universities in South Africa for
this study. She also received funding from the URC
Programme for Enhanced Research Capacity for a