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UCT Research Report '11
Ms Shamila Manie
Intensive Care Unit management; cardio-pulmonary
rehabilitation, TB
Associate Professor Pat Mayers
Mental health; support and training for primary health care
providers/clinical nurse practitioners with special to HIV
and ARV rollout; primary care practice teams
Mr Douglas Newman
LGBTI health
Ms Vivienne Norman
Paediatric dysphagia and early intervention
Dr Michelle Pascoe
Speech, language and literacy difficulties in school-aged
Ms Lucretia Petersen
Ototoxicity; otoacoustic emissions
Ms Romy Parker
Pain in HIV
Dr Lebogang Ramma
Noise and public health
Associate Professor Elelwani Ramugondo
Indigenous play
Ms Christine Rogers
Vestibular assessment and management
Associate Professor Shajila Singh
Dysphagia; motor speech disorders; ethics; HIV/AIDS
Ms Amshuda Sonday
Children with neurological damage
Clinical Educator Staff
Mrs Fatemah Camroodien-Surve
Early childhood intervention; parent training
Mrs Naila Edries
Occupational health and wellness; promoting behaviour
change; musculoskeletal injury management; evaluation
and feedback methods to drive learning
Mrs Madri Engelbrecht
Disability and employment
Mrs Fadia Gamieldien
Health professionals’ attitudes towards mental health
service users; disability, diversity and social change
Mrs Fahmida Harris
The impact of physical activity on quality of life of persons
with mental illness
Ms Jane le Roux
Evaluating the effectiveness of The Shine Program for
literacy development in grade 2 and 3 learners
Mr Marc Naidoo
Clinical education models and strategies; rehabilitation
in neuro patients; soccer injury prevention at school level
Mrs Elrietha Olivier
Cochlear implants; bimodal fitting and FM use; balance
disorders in cochlear implant recipients
Mrs Laura Russell
Traumatic brain injury care pathways after discharge;
assessment of aphasia in South African languages
Mrs Celeste Samuels
Right hemisphere communication disorders intervention
and referral pathways; cerebral palsy and communication
Mrs Des Scott
Group teaching in clinical practice; paediatric clinical
Mrs Heather Talberg
Clinical education best practice models and guidelines;
developing professional and reflective practitioners
Ms Freda Walters
Fluency, community based rehabilitation; clinical education
Contact Details
Postal address: Department of Health and Rehabilitation
Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences
University of Cape Town, Anzio Road, Observatory, 7925
Telephone: +27 21 406 6401
Fax: +27 21 406 6323
Research output
Authored books
Kalula, S.Z., Khalil, D., Perold, A.P., Ross, K., De Villiers,
L. and Van Niekerk, S.N. 2011. Nursing Care for the Older
Person A Practical Approach. Cape Town, South Africa:
Pearson Education Limited. 285pp. ISBN 9780796224828.