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UCT Research Report '11
Research Fields and Staff
Associate Professor Stanley Ress
Immunology of tuberculosis, Autoimmunity
Associate Professor Keertan Dheda
Research Interests
Immunopathogenesis, diagnosis, management and
outcomes of lung diseases associated with poverty
including TB, HIV and pneumonia. Specific areas of
interest and ongoing work:
1. Pathogenesis, transmission dynamics, and clinical
outcomes of MDR-TB and XDR-TB.
2. Development and validation of field-friendly diagnostics
for TB.
3. Immunopathogenesis of pulmonary TB using cells
obtained from the lung
Contact Details
Postal Address:
Clinical Immunology Laboratory,
H47 Old Main Building,
Groote Schuur Hospital,
Observatory 7925
Telephone: +27 21 406 6201
Fax: +27 21 448 6815
Division of Dermatology
Head of Division - Professor Gail Todd
Divisional Profile
The Dermatology service was started in 1919 at Somerset
Hospital by a physicianwith a special interest in dermatology.
Specialization through the University of Cape Town was
established in the 1960s providing services for adults and
children. It is an independent specialty with its own College
within the Colleges of Medicine of South Africa. It has
grown into a vibrant unit offering multiple tertiary services
and outreach opportunities, teaching for undergraduates
and post graduates with a considerable research output.
The unit has made significant contributions to knowledge
and understanding in the areas of eczema (atopic and
contact), serious drug reactions, occupational health, hair
disorders, melanoma, vitiligo, infectious and connective
tissue diseases especially as they relate to Southern Africa.
The UCT Skin and Hair Centre situated in the UCT Lung
Institute was formally established to enhance the research
and academic activities of members of the division. The
Centre accommodates a phototherapy, contact dermatitis
and consultant service for skin and hair diseases.
Divisional Statistics
Permanent and Long-term Contract Staff
Associate Professors
Senior Lecturers (full-time)
Senior Lecturers (part-time, 5/8)
(part-time, sessional)
Lecturer (part-time, 5/8)
(sessional, DOE funds)
Research Staff
Administrative and Clerical Staff
Honorary Lecturers
Research Fields and Staff
Permanent Staff
Associate Professor Gail Todd
Head of Division; Genetic basis for atopic eczema in
African children, collaborative project with Universities of
Dundee, Dublin and Zurich; Occupational skin disease;
All aspects of vitiligo especially national epidemiology and
cancer risk; Community dermatology; IT use in teaching
and service delivery; Systemic drug reactions, predictive
testing for culprit drug and re-challenge regimes; African
councillor on the International Psoriasis Council; Convener
of 5th year MBChB Mixed Specialties program MDN500W.
Dr Susan Jessop
IT use in teaching and service delivery; Evidenced-
based dermatology in collaboration with the Cochrane
Skin Group as a lead editor, Nottingham UK; Medical
education; Convener of the 5th year MBChB program.
Associate Professor Nonhlanhla Khumalo
African scalp and hair disorders. Blistering dermatoses.
Vulval disorders. Evidence-based dermatology.
Dr Laduma Ngwanya (5/8)
Dermatopathology; Diseases of the hair and nails
PN Patricia Kelly (part-time lecturer)
Lecturer and nurse convener for the 5th year MBChB
dermatology student block; Course convener and lecturer
for the UCT Dermatology Nurse Course; Follow-up study
on post-graduate dermatology nurses; International Skin
Care Nursing Group South African representative