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Macha, A. and De Jager, K. 2011. A comparative overview
of the development of the institutional repositories at the
University of Cape Town and at the University of Pretoria.
In Proceedings of the 14th International Symposium on
Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD 2011), 13-17
September 2011, Cape Town. Pretoria, South Africa:
National Research Foundation. ISBN 978-0-620-51049-3.
Unit Head: Associate Professor Jeff Jawitz
Unit Profile
The Higher & Adult Education Development & Studies Unit
forms part of the Centre for Higher Education Development
at the University of Cape Town. HAESDU supports
the on-going professional development of both higher
education professionals and adult education practitioners
through a range of courses, research and development
projects. HAESDU recognizes the importance of its work
being research-led, and all staff are actively engaged in
research. There are two NRF rated researchers in the
unit – Associate Professors Suellen Shay and Jeff Jawitz.
Awards in 2011: Dr Salma Ismail received a writing
grant of R25 000 from ANFASA (Academic and Non
Fiction Authors Association of South Africa Grant Scheme
for Authors (AGSA), for the publication of a book based
on her PhD research and focusing on the Victoria Mxenge
Housing Development Association. The book will be
published by UCT Press-Juta. The Award is sponsored by
the Norwegian Embassy.
Unit Statistics
Permanent and long-term contract staff
Associate Professors
Senior Lecturers
Administrative and Clerical Staff
Research Fields and Staff
Dr Alan Cliff
Senior lecturer: Academic literacy and student learning;
admissions testing; diagnostic profiling of students’
academic literacies and numeracies; understanding
how adults learn; assessment of academic potential.
MCQ assessment: design and impact; assessment and
evaluation in adult and continuing education contexts.
Associate Professor Linda Cooper
Theorising different forms of knowledge; impact of changes
in the broader political economy and labour markets
on knowledge and pedagogy; relationship between
higher education and the workplace; RPL and continuing
professional education within higher education; worker
education and training: the role of education in workplace
and social change.
Dr Jeanne Gamble
Senior Lecturer: The relation between knowledge and
practice in curriculum, pedagogy and assessment;
vocational and professional education; education and
training policy
Dr Salma Ismail
Senior Lecturer: Adult education curriculum and changing
student needs, challenges of retaining a critical transformative
educational practice and inclusion of feminist pedagogy;
relationship of indigenous knowledge to adult education;
learning in social movement contexts; staff experiences of
institutional culture in a changing university context.
Ms Kasturi Behari-Leak
Lecturer: Academic identity and social agency; nascent
academics – ‘being and becoming’; knowledge and knower
structures; social inclusion and difference; structure, culture
and agency; the power of performative texts.
Associate Professor Jeff Jawitz
Professional development of academics in teaching; the
impact of race on academic practice; the academic identity
and the academic workplace; educational development
initiatives and large class teaching
Dr Janice McMillan
Senior Lecturer: Social responsiveness in teaching and
learning; building university-community partnerships;
citizenship and ethics in service learning; role of critical
reflection in service learning; theorizing service learning
from a social justice perspective
Ms June Saldanha
Lecturer: Understanding the challenges which women
encounter when trying to pursue further learning in formal
and informal contexts; investigating the opportunities that
exist for adult learners who have completed the Diploma
in Education.