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UCT Research Report '11
into entrepreneurial ventures: a comparative study by the
University of Cape Town. In N. Beute (ed.), Proceedings of
4th International Conference of Engineering and Business
Education and SAFRI’s Journey to Excellence Conference,
20-23 November 2011, Cape Town. Cape Town: Cape
Peninsula University of Technology, Cape Town, South
Africa. ISBN 978-0-620-52121-5.
Acting Director: Stephen Marquard
Centre Profile
The Centre for Educational Technology has been
an established unit in CHED since 2005. While the
Centre has a broad focus, its core activities focus
on encouraging and supporting the innovative and
effective use of ICTs for educational purposes. CET’s
work focuses on the areas of learning technologies,
staff development, curriculum projects, postgraduate
teaching, and also includes research and special
projects. Research in CET has largely been centered
on the professional interests of individuals and the
focus of funded projects. It can be grouped into
some dominant themes including: access to and use
of ICTs; academic literacies; learning design; mobile
learning; lecture capturing and podcasting; innovation
by educators; teaching with new media; the educational
technology profession; open educational resources;
open research; communities of practice in staff
development; the effects of organisational cultures on
technology adoption; the rhetoric of staff development;
and online conferences for professional development.
Together with the UCT Research Office CET hosts the
Scholarly Communication in Africa Programme which is
a three-year, IDRC-funded initiative aimed at increasing
African universities’ contribution to regional and global
knowledge production.
Departmental Statistics
Permanent and Long Term Contract Staff
Associate Professors
Senior lecturers
Support, administrative and technical staff
Research Fields and Staff
Mr Lubabalo Badi
Learning Technologies Consultant: promotion of and support
for the use of educational technologies among staff.
Dr Cheryl Brown
Lecturer: digital identity, first year students’ experiences of
ICTs at university, discourses of ICTs and access to ICTs.
Mr Roger Brown
Educational Technology Consultant; promotion of and
support for the use of educational technologies among staff.
Mr Tony Carr
Senior Lecturer; Co-ordinator Staff Development; on-line
conferences, online communities of practice, use of
interactive computer-mediated approaches for teaching
and learning.
Ms Rulisha Chetty
Digital Learning Materials Designer; use of video in
curriculum development.
Ms Glenda Cox
Lecturer; Curriculum Projects; teaching and learning with
technology, curriculum development; Open Education
Associate Professor Laura Czerniewicz
Seconded to OpenUCT; open scholarship broadly,
scholarly communication, students’ digitally-mediated
practices, digital identities and the field of learning
technology as a scholarly domain.
Mr Andrew Deacon
Instructional Designer; learning environments, evaluation
of interactive computer mediated approaches for teaching
and learning, learning analytics.
Associate Professor Cheryl Hodgkinson-
Online learning design, interactive whiteboards, open
scholarship, open education resources and electronic
Mr David Horwitz
Online Learning Environments developer, design of
interactive environments and the effective use of databases
to support interactive computer-mediated approaches for
teaching and learning.
Ms Seta Jackson
Learning Technologies Consultant: promotion of and support
for the use of educational technologies among staff.