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Research Fields and Staff
Permanent staff
Associate Professor Mark Fleishman
Head of Department; interactive dramaturgy; Staging
History/Performing the Archive; migration
Associate Professor Geoffrey Hyland
New processes for acting; directing (theatre, dance, opera)
Ms Mwenya Kabwe
Theatrical exploration of Afropolitan subject positions; site
specific, devising
Associate Professor Gay Morris
Township theatre and Applied Theatre for education,
community and social
Associate Professor Jay Pather
Choreography: mixed and new media / site-specific /
urban landscape and architecture; African, indigenous and
intercultural knowledges
Mr Sabata Sesiu
Black/African theatre; Theatre for community Development;
Theatre/Drama in
education; Creative writing; Theatre making.
Ms Jacqui Singer
Emerging female playwrights; image-based theatre
Associate Professor Christopher Weare
Director of the Little Theatre; interrogating systems of
dependence versus creative freedom
Ms Sara Matchett
Psychophysical approaches to theatre making and
Ms Sandra Temmingh
Contemporary Afrikaans theatre
Ms Liz van Breda
Educational Drama and Theatre
Distinguished visitors
Professor Hazel Barnes, Mellon Visiting Scholar.
Professor Baz Kershaw, Warwick University.
Professor Helen Gilbert, Royal Holloway.
Dr Ola Johansson, Stockholm Theatre Academy.
Contact Details
Postal Address: Department of Drama, University of Cape
Town, Rosedale
Building, Hiddingh Campus, Orange Street, Cape Town, 8001
Telephone: +27 21 480 7121
Fax: +27 21 480 7106
Director: Associate Professor
Christopher Weare
Production Manager: Mr Luke Ellenbogen
Administrative Assistant: Mr Louis Viljoen
Head of Wardrobe: Ms Leigh Bishop
Unit Profile
The Little Theatre is the Drama department’s production
facility. It provides theatre spaces and facilities for theatre
research for the Drama department and other departments
within the faculty of Humanities as well as opportunities
for production for theatre, film, television companies and
community groups. It has at its disposal the 250 seat
proscenium arch Little Theatre, the flexible staging 70 seat
Arena Theatre, the 60 seat Intimate Theatre, the Hiddingh
Hall (flexible space), the 40 seat Playroom which is an
experimental space and numerous outside spaces on
the Hiddingh Campus as well as a scenery workshop,
costume wardrobe, furniture and properties store. In
addition to staging productions, the Little Theatre serves
as an informal resource for past students and members
of the public needing theatre information and assistance.
Contact Details
Postal Address: Little Theatre, University of Cape Town,
Little Theatre Workshop Building, Hiddingh Campus,
Orange Street, Cape Town, 8001
Telephone: +27 21 480 7129
Fax: +27 21 480 7106
Research Output
Chapters in books
Fleishman, M.J. 2011. ‘For a little road it is not. For it is a
great road; it is long’: performing heritage for development
in the Cape. In A. Jackson and J. Kidd (eds), Performing
Heritage: Research, Practice and Innovation in Museum
Theatre and Live Interpretation, pp. 234-248. Manchester,
UK: Manchester University Press. ISBN 978-0-719-08159-0.