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UCT Research Report '11
Grace, J. 2011. “Concert in the Park”. KwaZulu-Natal
Philharmonic Orchestra, Richard Cock (conductor).
National Botanical Gardens, Pietermaritzburg, 12 June.
Soloist. 75 min.
Morning Melodies Concert Series, Baxter Theatre, Cape
Town, 27 July; Die Bordienghuis, Wellington, 19 August.
Guitarist. 60 min.
Grace, J. 2011. Starlight Classics” concert featuring
James Grace and Jonathan Crossley. Johannesburg
Philharmonic Orchestra, Richard Cock (conductor). Rand
Merchant Bank, 10–11 September. Guitarist. 90 min.
Grace, J. 2011. Duo concert “Hot” with Christopher Duigan.
Franschhoek Classical Music Festival, Bread and Wine
Bistro, Franschhoek, 30 October. Guitarist. 60 min.
Grace, J. 2011. Solo recital. Chloe Murphy (guest artist).
Musica Mundi Concert Series, German International
School, Cape Town, 11 November. Guitarist. 75 min.
Grace, J. 2011. Solo Recital “I Love a Guitar” at the Centre
for the Book, Cape Town. 9 December. Guitarist. 60 min.
Haubrich, W., Rossi, R., English, D. and Ridgeway, D.
2011. Charles Mingus Remembered. GIPCA, Nassau
Centre, Cape Town,15 May, 24 July. Trombone. 90 min.
Haubrich, W., Backhouse, E. and van Zyl, W. 2011. Dixie
Swingers., Crystal Theatre, Winchester Mansions, Cape
Town. 6 March, 2 October. Brass player.
Haubrich, W. and Green, N. 2011. Easter Service.
St. Michael’s Anglican Church, Cape Town, 24 April.
Trombonist. 120 min.
Haubrich, W. and Plaatjies, M. 2011. Intsholo. Westin
Grand, Cape Town, 10 May. Trombonist.
Haubrich, W. 2011. Intsholo Minor. One and Only Hotel,
Waterfront Kleinmond, Westin Grand, Cape Town,2 March,
21 March, 6 April, 11 May. Trombonist.
Haubrich, W. 2011. KaribaDance Function Band. Brio
Restaurant, Rotunda, Camps Bay, 20 March, 27 December;
Kirstenbosch Brio Restaurant, Cape Town, 22 November.
Trombone, percussion. 120 min.
Haubrich, W. 2011. KaribaTar Guitar and Flügelhorn Duo.
Aubergine Restaurant, Cape Town, 14 May; Pierre Rabie
Antique Studio, 2 December. Trombonist.
Haubrich, W. 2011. Keyembe Big Band. Klein Genot, 8
October. Trumpet, fricanan, trombone. 240 min.
Haubrich, W., Campbell, M.I., Rossi, M.J., Andrews, D.I.
and Blake, M. 2011. Mike Campbell Big Band. Trinity,
Cape Town, 6, 27 June, 18 July, 1 August, 5 September.
Trombone. 120 min.
Haubrich, W. and Sotshononda, B. 2011. Pan-African
Groove Orchestra. Pigalles, Cape Town, 25 September, 23
October. MC, trumpet, fricanan, trombone. 240 min.
Haubrich, W., Rossi, M.J., Lilley, A.C.P., Campbell, M.I.
and Tiffin, A. 2011. SACM Staff Concert. Baxter Theatre,
Cape Town, 15 February. Trumpet, trombone.
Haubrich, W. and Campbell, M.I. 2011. SACM Alumni
Band. Baxter Theatre, Cape Town, 21 May. Trombone.
120 min.
Haubrich, W. 2011. SACM Brass Bash. Baxter Theatre,
Cape Town 4 August. Conductor, MC. 60 min.
Haubrich, W. 2011. Solid Brass Quintet. Westin Grand,
Cape Town, 10 May. Brass player.
Haubrich, W., Rossi, M.J., Thelen, A. and Ridgeway, D.
2011. Songfest Band. Paulaner Brauhaus, Songfest, Cape
Town 27 Feb, 27 March, 24 April, 29 May, 26 June, 31 July.
Brass player.
Haubrich, W., Campbell, M.I., Rossi, M.J., Smith, I.
and Johannes, S. 2011. World Aids Day Gala Concert.
Cape Town International Convention Centre, 1 December.
Trombone. 240 min.
Hofmeyr, H.P. 2011. Prayer for the bones (DJ Opperman)
for soprano, flute, cello and piano. Léger, C. (soprano),
Chong, J. (flute), Chong, J. (cello) and Doucet, P. (piano).
Saint John, Canada, April. Composer. 18 min.
Hofmeyr, H.P. 2011. Preludio and Umsindo from Partita
fricana for piano. Reznek R. (piano). Music in the City,
Hiddingh Hall, Cape Town, 10 April. Composer. 9 min.
Hofmeyr, H.P. 2011. Trio for Flute, Clarinet and Piano. Taffanel
Trio, Endler Hall, Stellenbosch, 10 April. Composer. 17 min.
Hofmeyr, H.P. 2011. Variazioni sopra una ninnananna
for piano
Batsashvili, M. (piano). Artscape
Theatre, Cape Town, 13 June. Composer. 4 min.
Hofmeyr, H.P. 2011. Of Darkness and the Heart – Four
poems of Fiona Zerbst for soprano and string quartet.
Stapelberg, Z. (soprano),Vogel, A. (violin), Bacharova, F.A.
(violin), Lubbe, G. (viola) and Arp, J. (cello). International
Chamber Music Festival, Endler Hall, Stellenbosch, 12
July. Composer. 16 min.
Hofmeyr, H.P. 2011. Kasi An Introduction to the Orchestra.
De Vries, C. (narrator), Festival Concert Orchestra, Tien, A.
(conductor). International Chamber Music Festival, Endler
Hall, 16 July. Composer and author of text. 30 min.