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UCT Research Report '11
Prof Carolyn Hamilton
National Research Foundation Professor in Archive and
Public Culture and member of the Public Life of Ideas
Research Network. Research fields: history and theory of
archive; ethnography of memory work; the production of
history; the history of pre-industrial southern Africa; the
public life of ideas; public culture.
Dr Susan Levine
Child labour; children’s health; visual anthropology;
political economy; medical anthropology; gender and
sexuality; HIV/AIDS; community development.
Dr Helen Macdonald
Violence, narrative, scepticism and the everyday, pluralistic
health, and magico-religious knowledge, witchcraft in
India, transformation in Higher Education
Prof Francis Nyamnjoh
ICTs, Mobility and Marginality; globalisation; citizenship;
media; the politics of identity in Africa; has also published
ethnographic novels.
Associate Professor Fiona Ross
Ethnographies of/and the Marginal. Domestic worlds;
violence, loss and the recuperation of social worlds;
gender, testimony and voice; Truth and Reconciliation.
Associate Professor Andrew Spiegel
Housing and migration patterns and family relationships;
urban water and sanitation management - South Africa;
comparative pedagogies; racism; history of South African
Contact Details
Postal address: Department of Social Anthropology, University
of Cape Town, Private Bag X3, Rondebosch, 7701
Telephone: +27 21 650 3678
Fax: +27 21 650 2307
Research output
Authored books
Henderson, P. 2011. AIDS, Intimacy and Care in Rural
Kwazulu-Natal: A Kinship of Bones. Amsterdam: Amsterdam
University Press. 226pp. ISBN 978-9-0896-4359-9.
Chapters in books
Comaroff, J. 2011. Uncool Passion: Nietzsche Meets the
Pentecostals. In V.W. Lloyd and E. Ratzman (eds), Secular
Faith, pp. 21-43. Eugene: Oregon: Cascade Books. ISBN
Green, L.J., Green, D. and Neves, E. 2011. Indigenous
knowledge and archaeological science: The challenges
of public archaeology in the area Indigena do Uaca. In
C. Gnecco and P. Ayala (eds), Indigenous Peoples and
Archaeology in Latin America. Walnut Creek, CA 94596:
Left Coast Press, Inc. ISBN 978-1-61132-015-2.
Hamilton, C., Harris, V. and Hatang, S. 2011. Fashioning
Legacy in South Africa: Power, Pasts, and the Promotion
of Social Cohesion. In P. Kearns, S. Kling and C.
Wistman (eds), Heritage, Regional Development and
Social Cohesion. Sweden: Jamtli Forlag. ISBN 978-91-
Hamilton, C. 2011. Why Archive Matters: Archive,
Public Deliberation and Citizenship. In X. Mangcu (ed.),
Becoming Worthy Ancestors, pp. 119-144. Johannesburg:
WITS University Press. ISBN 9781868145324.
Harris, V. 2011. Archons, aliens and angels: power and
politics in the archive. In J. Hill (ed.), The Future of
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movement of recontextualisation. In T. Cook (ed.),
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Archivists. ISBN 1931666369.
Nyamnjoh, F. 2011. De-Westernizing media theory to
make room for African experience. In H. Wasserman (ed.),
Popular Media, Democracy and Development in Africa,
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Nyamnjoh, F. 2011. Epilogue: Opening up the Research
Design in and on Africa: ‘To Souls Forgotten’. In R.
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Nyamnjoh, F. 2011. Relevant Education for African
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the Development of Social Science Research in Africa,
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An Introduction. In R. Devisch and F. Nyamnjoh (eds), The
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ISBN 978-9956-726-65-3.
Spiegel, A.D. and Sponheuer, S. 2011. Transforming
Musical Soul into Bodily Practice. Tone Eurythmy,