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policy and social protection; behavioral and community
health, social and public health dimensions of mining;
sexual and gender-based violence; psycho social well-
being; quality of life; mental health; sexual and reproductive
health/rights; and programme evaluation.
Mr Thulane Gxubane
Crime and society; probation and correctional practice;
youth justice, juvenile offending and restorative justice.
Mrs Fatima Williams
Casework/psychotherapy; groupwork and group
psychotherapy; human development; mental health;
professional development.
Mr Ronald Addinall
Clinical social work, sexology and psychosexual therapy,
sexual health and rights, sexual minorities and human
rights, and gender identity variance.
Administrative and Clerical Staff
Ms Marguerite Armstrong –
Administrative Officer
Mr Olando Jacobs –
Senior Secretary
Contact Details
Postal address: Department of Social Development,
University of Cape Town,
Private Bag X3, Rondebosch, 7701
Telephone: +27 21 650 3493
Fax: +27 21 689 2739
Research Output
Chapters in books
Atmore, E., Wray, D. and Godsell, G. 2011. Education.
In M. du Prezz (ed.), Opinion Pieces by South African
Thought Leaders, pp. 163-210. Johannesburg: Penguin
Books. ISBN 978-014-352823-4.
John-Langba, J. 2011. HIV, sexual violence and exploitation
during post-conflict transitions: The case of Sierra Leone.
In J.F. Klot and V.-K. Nguyen (eds), The Fourth Wave.
Violence, Gender, Culture and HIV in the 21st Century, pp.
103-115. France: UNESCO. ISBN 9789231041587.
Articles in Peer-reviewed Journals
Berry, L.M. and Smit, A.D.V. 2011. Social Assistance
Needs of Children with Chronic Health Conditions: A
Comparative Study of International and South African
Eligibility Assessment Instruments. Social Work in Public
Health, 26: 635-650.
Holtzhausen, L. 2011. ‘I am an Arab but I live in an English
world’: Teaching social work in the United Arab Emirates.
Journal of Social Work, 11(3): 247-339.
Holtzhausen, L. 2011. Will the real Social Worker please
stand up? South African Crime Quarterly, 37(37): 27-32.
Kristiansen, S. and Booyens, M. 2011. Langa Micro
Business Owner’s Experience of Government Regulations
and support. Social Work Practitioner Researcher, 23(1):
Peer-reviewed published conference
Taylor, V.E.D. 2011. A Question of Social Justice. In
Proceedings of Justice: A National and Global Issue, 7-10
November, 2011, Berlin, Germany. Germany: Friedrich
Ebert Stiftung. ISBN 978-3-86872826-6.
Department of Sociology
Head of Department: Associate Professor
David Cooper
Departmental Profile
The department has a team of active researchers with
growing clusters of research groupings formed around
staff members and their Master’s and PhD students.
During the past few years a range of peer-reviewed
journal articles but also a considerable number of books,
research and consultancy reports, and public articles and
presentations in the arena of national and local debate
have been produced.
Research projects currently underway or recently
completed in the Department, most with a South African
and comparative focus, include work on: land tenure
reform and traditional authorities; development of social
movements; workers’ experiences of recent social change
in South Africa; health policies and medical facilities
with particular orientation to the HIV/Aids pandemic;
democracy and inequality in comparative perspective;
industrial restructuring, unemployment, skills development
and job creation; export agriculture and globalization;
“race”, identity and diversity in South Africa; diversity
management; dynamics of corporate culture and
managerial identity; organizational transformation; higher
education transformation and research development;