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UCT Research Report '11
Sitas, A. 2011. The moving black Forest of Africa-
The Mpondo Rebellion, Migrancy and Black Worker
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In R. Eyerman, J. Alexander and E. Butler Breese (eds),
Narrating Trauma: On the Impact of Collective Suffering,
pp. 267-291. United States: Paradigm Publishers. ISBN
Encyclopaedia entries
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UCT Libraries
Executive Director: Ms Gwenda Thomas (01
November 2011)
Ms Joan Rapp (retired 31 October 2011)
Departmental Profile
In addition to providing academic information services to
UCT students and staff, librarians contribute to research in
their areas of subject specialization and in topics related
to Library and Information Science and related areas such
as intellectual property and copyright.
Research Fields and Staff
Dr Colin Darch
Senior Information Specialist, current affairs in central
and southern Africa; academic libraries; assessment;
information facilities; academic and research libraries,
South Africa
Ms Lesley Hart
Head, Special Collections, Archival and Manuscript
Collections, Africana collections in South Africa; preservation
of historic materials; digitisation of historic materials
Ms Allegra Louw
Subject Librarian, African history, African politics and
South African literature