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disclosure (of HIV-status to others), the interface between
traditional medicine and biomedicine, the international
treatment rollout, global health citizenship, the international
treatment rollout, global health citizenship and leadership,
AIDS treatment activism and the impact of providing
antiretroviral treatment on individuals and households.
Democracy in Africa Research Unit (DARU)
DARU supports students and scholars who conduct
systematic research in the following four areas: public
opinion and political culture in Africa and its role in
democratization and consolidation; elections and voting in
Africa; the development of legislative institutions; and the
impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic on democratization in
southern Africa. DARU has also developed close working
relationships with projects such as the Afrobarometer (a
cross-national survey of public opinion in fifteen African
countries) and the Comparative National Elections
Project, which conducts post-election surveys over twenty
countries across the world.
Policy Research in International Services and
Manufacturing (PRISM)
PRISM provides a lens to focus research and policy work
on issues of globalization and industrialization in Sub-
Saharan Africa. In 2011, the CSSR provided management,
administrative and financial services, as well as assisting
in realising its wide research remit - to interface between
economics and other relevant disciplines. PRISM
provides a home to a number of independent research
activities, projects and programmes. The broad focus
of the research activities undertaken are all concerned
with issues of globalization, global value chains,
industrialization paths, the role of knowledge intensive
services, international competitiveness. PRISM left the
CSSR at the beginning of 2012.
Social Surveys Unit (SSU)
The SSU promotes critical analysis of the methodology,
ethics and results of South African social science
research. The SSU seeks to integrate quantitative and
qualitative research. Our core activities include the
overlapping Cape Area Study and Cape Area Panel
Study. The Cape Area Study comprises a series of
surveys of social, economic and political aspects of
life in Cape Town. The Cape Area Panel Study is an
ongoing study of young people in Cape Town as they
move from school into the worlds of work, unemployment,
adulthood and parenthood. Linked to the panel study is
an ethnographic study of childhood and adolescence
in post-apartheid Cape Town. The SSU also conducts
research into inequality, diversity and social policy.
Centre Statistics
Permanent and long-term contract staff
Research and Contract Staff
Student Researchers
Scholarship Student Researchers
Administration and Clerical Staff
Short-term contract staff
Research Staff
Fieldworkers and outreach facilitators
Research fields and staff
Permanent and contract staff
Professor Anthony Black (also in the School
of Economics)
Development economics, trade and industrial policy;
automotive industry, garment industry, foreign direct
investment, regional integration; global location of
manufacturing and services
Professor David Kaplan (also in the School
of Economics)
Technology development; technology policy; industrial
policy; telecommunications industry; migration of skilled
persons. Work on the SA mining industry – technological
change; innovation; mining based exports (capital
equipment and services). Also any local (Western Cape)
economic development issues
Professor Robert Mattes (also in the
Department of Political Studies)
Director of the Centre for Social Science Research; Director
of Democracy in Africa Research Unit; public opinion;
democratisation; electoral behaviour; social identity;
legislatures; survey research
Professor Mike Morris (also in the School
of Economics)
Director of Policy Research on International Services
and Manufacturing; globalisation, commodities and
industrialisation paths for Africa; China’s impact on Africa;
Industrial policy; firm and sector competitiveness; value
chain analysis; industrial clusters; learning networks
Professor Nicoli Nattrass (also in the School
of Economics)
Director of the AIDS and Society Research Unit; AIDS;
unemployment; inequality; social and economic policy;