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UCT Research Report '11
Doctoral graduations
P.H. Bamu (Commercial Law)
Contracting work out to self-employed workers: Does South
African law adequately recognise and regulate this practice?
Supervised by
Professor E.R. Kalula
J.H. Hall (Public Law)
The impact of judicial control on the public administration
of the environment:1995 to 2007.
Supervised by
Professor H.M. Corder and M. Simons
N. Kamm (Public Law)
Taxation – a measure to stop global warming?
Supervised by
Professor J. Gibson
D.J. Nangela (Commercial Law)
The Adequacy of the Tanzanian Law on E-commerce
and E-contracting: Possible solutions to be found in
international models and South African legislation.
Supervised by
Professor T. Bennett and Dr S. Mchome
C.B. Ncube (Commercial Law)
Intellectual property protection for e-commerce business
methods in South Africa: Envisioning an equitable model
for SMEs in the tourism industry.
Supervised by
Professor J. Kinderlerer and Professor
V.J. Visser
A.O. Okpechi (Public Law)
Access to justice by refugees and asylum seekers in
South Africa.
Supervised by
Associate Professor D. Chirwa and
Professor S. Burman
K. Ongwamuhana (Commercial Law)
Tax compliance in Tanzania – an analysis of law and
policy affecting voluntary taxpayer compliance.
Supervised by
Professor R.D. Jooste and Associate
Professor J. Roeleveldt
A.R. Paterson (Public Law)
Bridging the gap between conservation and land reform:
Communally conserved areas as a tool for managing
South Africa’s natural commons.
Supervised by
Professor H. Mostert
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