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UCT Research Report '11
Emeritus Professors
Professor Nikolaas J. van der Merwe
Isotopes; palaeodiets, palaeoenvironments, archae-ometallurgy
Professor John Parkington
Hunter-gatherers, palaeoenvironmental reconstruction and
human ecology, prehistoric art, coastal archaeology
Emeritus Associate Professor
Associate Professor A. Smith
Prehistoric pastoralism, origins of food production,
Honorary Research Associates
Dr G. Avery
Dr Per Ditlef Fredriksen
Ceramics, ethnoarchaeology, archaeology of farming
Mr P. Jolly
Contact period Rock art, history of San-Nguni/Sotho
Professor T. Maggs
Iron Age archaeology in southern Africa
Dr W. Ndoro
Heritage Studies
Professor S. Pfeiffer
Biological anthropology
Distinguished visitors
Professor Jack Fisher
Montana State University – faunal remains in archaeology
Dr Alex Mackay
Australian National University – Pleistocene lithic
Professor Susan Pfeiffer
University of Toronto – biological anthropology
Professor Silvia Tomášková
University of North Carolina – rock art, archaeological theory
Professor Pierre-Jean Texier
CNRS-Valbonne France – prehistory
Professor Margot Winer
Historical archaeology, landscape archaeology
Contact Details
Postal address: Department of Archaeology, University of
Cape Town, Private Bag X3, Rondebosch, 7701
Telephone: +27 21 650 2353
Fax: +27 21 650 2352
Research output
Authored books
Chirikure, S., Delius, P., Esterhuysen, A., Hay, M.,
Manyanga, M., Mulaudzi, M., Schoeman, A. and Smith,
J. 2011. Mapungubwe a Living Legacy. Johannesburg:
Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection (MISTRA).
30pp. ISBN 978-0-9869999-0-1.
Chapters in books
Sealy, J.C. and Galimberti, M. 2011. Shellfishing and the
interpretation of shellfish sizes in the Middle and Later
Stone Ages of South Africa. In N.F. Bicho, J.A. Haws and
L.G. Davis (eds), Trekking the Shore, pp. 405-419. New
York: Springer. ISBN 978-1-4419-8218-6.
Stewart, B., Parkington, J.E. and Fisher, J. 2011. The
tortoise and the ostrich egg: projecting the home base
hypothesis into the 21st century. In J. Sept and D. Pilbeam
(eds), Casting the Net Wide: Papers in Honour of Glynn
Isaac and His Approach to Human Origins Research, pp.
255-278. Oxford: Oxbow Books. ISBN 978-1-84217-454-8.
Articles in Peer-reviewed Journals
Avery, G. and Klein, R. 2011. Review of fossil phocid and
otariid seals from the southern and western coasts of
South Africa. Transactions of the Royal Society of South
Africa, 66(1): 14-24.
Avery, M. and Avery, G. 2011. Micromammals in the
Northern Cape Province of South Africa, past and present.
African Natural History, 7: 9-39.
Chemere, Y.S. and Negash, A. 2011. An Ethnoarchaeology
of lithic site-formation patterns amongst the Hadiya of
Ethiopia: Some initial Results. Nyame Akuma, 74: 36-41.
Codron, J., Codron, D.C., Lee-Thorp, J., Sponheimer, M.,
Kirkman, K., Duffy, K. and Sealy, J.C. 2011. Landscape-
scale feeding patterns of African elephant inferred from
carbon isotope analysis of feces. Oecologia, 165: 89-99.
Copeland, S.R., Sponheimer, M., de Ruiter, D., Lee-Thorp,
J.A., Codron, D.C., Le Roux, P., Grimes, V. and Richards,
M.P. 2011. Strontium Isotope evidence for landscape use
by early hominins. Nature, 474: 76-78.