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UCT Research Report '11
Articles in Peer-reviewed Journals
Alexeeva, N.V. and Zemlyanaya, E. 2011. Breathers
in a damped-driven nonlinear Schroedinger equation.
Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, 168(1): 858-864.
Alvarez, T. and Wilcox, D.L. 2011. The baire property and
the domain of iterates of a paracomplete linear relation.
Journal of Operator Theory, 66(2): 451-464.
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missing value in a composition of an integer. Discrete
Mathematics, 311: 723-731.
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continuous functions on o~-frames. Topology and its
Applications, 158: 861-868.
Barashenkov, I.V. and Zemlyanaya, E. 2011. Soliton
complexity in the damped-driven nonlinear Schrodinger
equation: stationary to periodic to quasiperiodic
complexes. Physical Review E, 83: 1-8. (056610).
Barashenkov, I.V., Zemlyanaya, E. and van Heerden,
T.C. 2011. Time-periodic solitons in a damped-driven
nonlinear Schrodinger equation. Physical Review E, 83:
1-11. (056609).
Barashenkov, I.V. and Zemlyanaya, E. 2011. Travelling
solitons in the externally driven nonlinear Schrodinger
equation. Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and
Theoretical, 44: 465211. (23pp.)
Bargmann, S. and Reddy, B.D. 2011. Modeling of
polycrystals using a gradient crystal plasticity theory that
includes dissipative micro-stresses. European Journal of
Mechanics A-Solids, 30: 719-730.
Bassett, B.A., Fantaye, Y., Hlozek, R. and Kotze, J.
2011. Fisher matrix preloaded - Fisher4Cast. International
Journal of Modern Physics D, 20(13): 2559-2598.
Bhattacharya, S., Goswami, R. and Joshi, P.S. 2011. Collapse
and dispersal in massless scalar field models. International
Journal of Modern Physics D, 20(6): 1123-1133.
Beardon, A.F., Driver, K.A. and Jordaan, K. 2011. Zeros
of polynomials embedded in an orthogonal sequence.
Numerical Algorithms, 57: 399-403.
Berman, M.N. 2011. Uniformity and functional equations
for local zeta functions of $\mathfrak {K}$-split algebraic
groups. American Journal of Mathematics, 133(1): 1-27.
Bernardeau, F., Pitrou, C. and Uzan, J.P. 2011. CMB
spectra and bispectra calculations: making the flat-
sky approximation rigorous. Journal of Cosmology and
Astroparticle Physics, 015: 1-32.
Bolejko, K., Hellaby, C. and Alfedeel, A. 2011. The metric
of the cosmos from luminosity and age data. Journal of
Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics, JCAP09(2011) 011,
Bradley, J., Dankelmann, P., Erwin, D. and Rodrigues,
B.G. 2011. On the fixing number of graphs with abelian
automorphism group. Utilitas Mathematica, 86: 71-78.
Brattka, V. and Gherardi, G. 2011. Effective choice and
boundedness principles in computable analysis. Bulletin
of Symbolic Logic, 17(1): 73-117.
Brattka, V. and Gherardi, G. 2011. Weihrauch degrees,
omniscience principles and weak computability. Journal
of Symbolic Logic, 76(1): 143-176.
Brax, P., Burrage, C., Davis, A., Seery, D. and Weltman,
A. 2011. Anomalous coupling of scalars to gauge fields.
Physics Letters B, 699: 5-9.
Brummer, G.C.L., Kunzi, H. and Sioen, M. 2011. Concrete
functors determined by their restrictions to the T o objects.
Topology and its Applications, 158: 2382-2390.
Brummer, G.C.L., Kunzi, H. and Sioen, M. 2011. More
on upper bicompletion-true functorial quasi-uniformities.
Topology and its Applications, 158: 1937-1941.
Bruyns, P.V. 2011. A new species of Sarcostemma
(Apocynaceae-Asclepiadoideae-Asclepiadeae) from
Yemen. South African Journal of Botany, 77: 801-804.
Bruyns, P.V., Klak, C. and Hanacek, P. 2011. Age and
diversity in Old World succulent species of Euphorbia
(Euphorbiaceae). Taxon, 60: 1717-1733.
Carroll, T. and Ratzkin, J. 2011. Interpolating between
torsional rigidity and principal frequency. Journal of
Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 379: 818-826.
Chinyoka, T. and Makinde, O.D. 2011. Analysis of transient
generalized couette flow of a reactive variable viscosity
third-grade liquid with asymmetric convective cooling.
Mathematical and Computer Modelling, 54: 160-174.
Chinyoka, T. and Makinde, O.D. 2011. On transient flow
of a reactive variable viscosty third-grade fluid through a
cylindrical pipe with convective cooling. Meccanica, 47:
Chinyoka, T. 2011. Suction-injection control of shear
banding in non-isothermal and exothermic channel flow of
Johnson-Segalman liquids. Journal of Fluids Engineering-
Transactions of the ASME, 133: 071205-1-12.
Chinyoka, T. 2011. Two-dimensional flow of chemically
reactive viscoelastic fluids with or without the influence of