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faculty of SCIENCE
Dr Kershini Iyer
Post-doctoral fellow; plant biotechnology; promoter studies
of stress-associated genes from
Zea mays
Dr Revel Iyer
Research scientist; agricultural biotechnology; plant
molecular biology; plant transgenics.
Dr Ann Meyers
Research Officer; plant-produced proteins and vaccines;
bluetongue virus; Rift Valley fever virus;
Gracilaria gracilis
transformation studies; recombinant protein expression in
Gracilaria gracilis.
Dr Shane Murray
Lecturer; crop genomics and transcriptomics; resistance
in maize and grapevine to pathogens (fungi, viruses and
Dr Hanlie Nell
Post-doctoral fellow; plant stress biology; characterisation
of the carbon source for soluble carbohydrate accumulation
in the resurrection plant
Xerophyta humilis.
Dr Lynthia Paul
Post-doctoral fellow;
Bacteroides fragilis
resistance; mutational analysis; metronidazole uptake;
flotillin; DNA recombination and repair genes.
Dr Dionne Shepherd
Research Officer; virology and plant biotechnology;
development of maize streak virus‑resistant maize; maize
streak virus diversity; plant-virus interactions.
Dr Michele Tomasicchio
Post-doctoral fellow; glucocorticoid receptor (GR)
transcriptional signalling; cross talk between HIV-1 Vpr
and the GR in transcriptional regulation of host genes.
Research output
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