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UCT Research Report '11
feather disease virus isolates. Journal of General Virology,
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Peer-reviewed published conference proceedings
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Department of
(Including the Nansen-Tutu Centre for Marine
Environmental Research and the Research Diving Unit)
Head of Department: Professor Chris Reason
Departmental Profile
The Department of Oceanography is the only such
Department in sub-Saharan Africa, and is the major
focus for research in physical oceanography, atmospheric
science, ocean circulation, and climate in South Africa
and elsewhere in Africa. The Department has research
groupings in sea-going observations, satellite marine
remote sensing, coastal oceanography, ocean and
atmospheric modelling, marine and coastal meteorology,
severe weather, the science underpinning operational
oceanography, and climate variability and change.
Six scientists in the Department have been favourably
evaluated in the review process of the National Research
Foundation. Active international associations are
maintained by collaborative projects with the Netherlands,
France, Germany, Spain, the UK, Australia, USA and
Canada. The Department maintains close contact with
marine science activities in the governmental, private and
academic sectors in South Africa and into Africa. The
UCT Research Diving Unit (RDU) is housed within the
Department and is fully equipped with a decompression
chamber and compressor. Most scientific diving at UCT is
carried out in conjunction with the RDU.
Departmental Statistics
Permanent and Long-term Contract Staff
Senior Lecturer
Research Staff
Technical Support Staff
Administrative and Clerical Staff
Honorary Staff
Emeritus Professor
Honorary Professor
Honorary Research Associates