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UCT Research Report '11
Professor Graham Barr
Econometrics and economic forecasting; financial
modeling; problem gambling analysis
Professor Dave Bradfield
Financial modelling.
Professor Renkuan Guo
Reliability and quality; imprecise spatial analysis.
Professor Linda Haines
Optimal experimental design; extreme value theory;
modelling count data; time series.
Professor Les Underhill
Director, Animal Demography Unit; Director, South African
Bird Ringing Unit (SAFRING); multivariate analysis;
multidimensional scaling and related graphical display
methods; ecological applications of statistics.
Emeritus Professor Theodor Stewart
Multicriteria decision analysis and multiobjective
optimization; resource allocation and management.
Emeritus Professor Cas Troskie
Multivariate regression.
Associate Professor Francesca Little
Statistical methods in medicine; biology; generalized
linear and nonlinear mixed effect models.
Associate Professor Sugnet Lubbe
Multivariate statistics; Graphical displays; Biplots.
Emeritus Associate Professor June Juritz
Biostatistics, hierarchical generalised mixed models.
Dr Birgit Erni
Senior Lecturer; environmetrics; biometrics; generalized
linear models; spatial statistics.
Dr Juwa Nyirenda
Senior Lecturer; operations research, management
Dr Leanne Scott
Senior Lecturer; decision analysis; statistical methods
in the social sciences and local government; operations
research in developing countries.
Mr Karl Stielau
Senior Lecturer; sampling, ecological statistics and
probability models.
Mr Allan Clark
Lecturer; Bayesian analysis; Extreme value theory;
Econometric modelling.
Mr Greg Distiller
Lecturer, biostatistics; statistical ecology.
Mr Ian Durbach
Lecturer; decision analysis.
Dr Freedom Gumedze
Lecturer; biostatistics; mixed linear models.
Mr Dominique Katshunga
Lecturer; multivariate analysis; financial modelling.
Miss Kerry Leask
Lecturer; generalized linear; nonlinear modelling;
Mr Miguel Lacerda
Lecturer; bioinformatics; stochastic processes.
Miss Kutlwano Ramaboa
Lecturer; multivariate analysis, data mining and statistical
methods in education.
Mr Melvin Varughese
Lecturer; ecological modelling, statistical analysis of
cosmological data.
Mrs Lida Zacna
Lecturer; educational applications.
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University of Cape Town, Private Bag X3, Rondebosch,
Telephone: +27 21 650 3219
Fax: +27 21 650 4773
UCT General enquiries: +27 21 650 9111
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Research output
Authored books
Gower, J., Lubbe, S. and le Roux, N.J. 2011. Understanding
Biplots. England: John Wiley and Sons, Ltd. 448pp. ISBN
Chapters in books
Guo, D., Guo, R., Cui, Y., Midgley, G.F., Altwegg, R.
and Thiart, C. 2011. Climate change impact on quiver
trees in arid Namibia and South Africa. In J. Blanco and
H. Kheradmand (eds), Climate Change - Geophysical
Foundations and Ecological Effects, pp. 323-342. Croatia:
Open Access Publisher. ISBN 9789533074191.