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UCT Research Report '11
Development Policy Research
The Development Policy Research Unit (DPRU)
specialises in socio-economic research with a focus
on labour markets, poverty, and inequality. The
DPRU’S mandate is to undertake academically sound,
high-quality policy relevant research; to maintain and
develop effective networks with government, civil
society, and the research community in Southern
Africa; to engage in training and teaching activities;
and to participate directly in the process of formulating,
implementing and evaluating policy. The DPRU further
aims to train a new generation of research economists
within the unit.
Director: Professor H. Bhorat
Southern Africa Labour and
Development Research Unit
The Southern Africa Labour and Development
Research Unit (SALDRU) conducts research directed
at improving the well-being of South Africa’s poor. It
was established in 1975 and played a central role in
documenting the human costs of Apartheid through
conferences and the Second Carnegie Enquiry into
Poverty and Development in South Africa (1983–
1986). From 1992 to 1994 SALDRU co-ordinated
South Africa’s first non-racial national living standards
sample survey and, in the post-Apartheid period, it
has continued to gather data and conduct research
directed at informing and assessing anti-poverty policy.
SALDRU’s largest contemporary project is the running
of South Africa’s first national longitudinal survey of
well-being, the National Income Dynamics Study, on
behalf of the Presidency. Every year SALDRU offers
extensive training in the analysis of survey data to a
broad array of South Africa’s academics, graduate
students and researchers from NGOs and government.
Director: Professor M. Leibbrandt
Health Economics Unit
The Health Economics Unit (HEU) was established in
early 1990 in the School of Public Health and Family
Medicine and was accredited as a formal research
entity by the university in 2007. The HEU works to
improve the performance of health systems through
informing health policy and enhancing technical
and managerial capacity in sub-Saharan Africa. Its
foundation is academic excellence in health economics
and management. The core objectives of the HEU are:
to conduct high-quality research in health economics,
health policy, and systems; to develop capacity in
health economics, health policy, and systems research
in Africa through postgraduate training and related
capacity development initiatives; and to translate
research findings into policy and practice.
Director: Associate Professor S. Cleary
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