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and cultural heritage. ICRSA houses the peer-reviewed,
accredited Journal for the Study of Religion.
Director: Professor D.S. Chidester
Isaac and Jessie Kaplan Centre
for Jewish Studies and Research
The Isaac and Jessie Kaplan Centre for Jewish Studies
and Research was established in 1980 under the
terms of a gift to the University of Cape Town by the
Kaplan Kushlick Foundation and is named in honour
of the parents of Mendel and Robert Kaplan. It is an
autonomous centre, with its own governing body. The
centre is the only one of its kind in South Africa. It seeks
to stimulate and promote the whole field of Jewish studies
and research at the university with a special focus on
the South African Jewish community. The centre is multi-
disciplinary in scope and encourages the participation
of scholars in a range of fields including history, political
science, education, sociology, comparative literature, and
the broad spectrum of Hebrew and Judaic studies.
Director: Professor M. Shain
Lucy Lloyd Archive, Resource
and Exhibition Centre
The Lucy Lloyd Archive, Resource and Exhibition Centre
(LLAREC) is a research centre aimed at the promotion
of the visual as a site of meaning and knowledge. Its
focus is on collections and curatorship, through which
objects are allowed to become both sites of knowledge
and mnemonics and reference can be made to a wider
resonance of meaning. At the heart of the centre’s
curatorial practice is the issue of representation, and
many of its projects have interrogated the ways in
which the historical, social, and medical construction
of identity have been revealed through representation.
Major projects have included the publication of the
Bleek and Lloyd archive, the production of portfolios
and artists’ books and the installation of exhibitions at
a variety of venues. LLAREC incorporates the Katrine
Harries Print Cabinet and is now part of the Centre for
Curating the Archive, which includes major photographic
collections and a visual history archive, and projects
that curate them.
Director: Professor P. Skotnes
Research InstituteonChristianity
and Society in Africa (RICSA)
The Research Institute on Christianity and Society in
Africa (RICSA) has engaged in research on religion
in public health, globalisation, and public theology. Its
primary activity recently has been with the affiliated
African Religious Health Assets Programme (ARHAP),
a multi-institutional, multi-site, inter-religious, trans-
disciplinary collaborative research project that is
co-ordinated at UCT. Initiated in 2003, with colleagues
from Emory University, it includes academics and
practitioners from other centres in South Africa, has
a strong partnership with Methodist Le Bonheur
Healthcare (a seven-hospital system in Memphis, USA),
and works with several other collaborating partners in
Africa, Europe and the USA. During 2011, ARHAP was
renamed the International Religious Health Assets
Programme (IRHAP). IRHAP focuses on mapping and
assessing religious health assets, policy processes,
and capacity building on the interface between religion
and public health. Its most recent work has been
with the Hospice Palliative Care Association of South
Africa on building community partnerships for health
system strengthening. It is conducting research on
male peace and safety in the context of interpersonal
violence (three sites in South Africa and the USA, in
conjunction with the Medical Research Council and the
UNISA-based Peace and Safety Lead Programme),
and is taking more of an interest in health systems
and primary health care. RICSA is also known for its
published (UNISA Press, CD-ROM) multi-year, multi-
volume project on the social history of Christianity in
South Africa.
Director: Professor J.R. Cochrane
humanities footprint
From the Timbuktu Manuscripts Project.