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faculty of engineering & the built environment
Professor Edgar Pieterse
Director: African Centre for Cities, and holder of a DST/
Promoting new approaches to urban development in
South Africa and Africa, in collaboration with partners from
the global South.
Professor Gordon Pirie
Deputy Director: African Centre for Cities
Geographer, principal research field of transportation and
Dr Tom Sanya
Senior Lecturer: Architecture
Sustainable Habitat Innovations (SusHI), systems theory in
sustainable architecture evaluation with particular focus on
Africa. Sustainability evaluation tool (emerging from PhD).
Design and making Epistemology – in Search of an Afro-
centric perspective via the African Informal Settlement.
Dr George Sithole
Senior Lecturer: Laser altimetry, photogrammetry, 3D
object reconstruction.
Associate Professor Julian Smit
Application of remote sensing, photogrammetry and
geographic information systems for land and environmental
Associate Professor Alta Steenkamp
Director: School of Architecture, Planning & Geomatics
History and theory of Southern African architecture and its
relation to the global environment.
Professor Vanessa Watson
Planning theory; governance; housing; urbanization; large
city planning.
Associate Professor Jenny Whittal
Land tenure and cadastral systems, specialising in land for
the urban poor and fiscal cadastral systems and reform.
Dr Tanja Winkler
Senior Lecturer: Planning
Current research interests include critically assessing
“the voice of the poor” in urban governance and public
decision making processes. Ongoing research on civil
society, poverty, and inner city regeneration.
Research Associates
Emeritus Professor Julian Cooke
Contemporary South African architecture.
Emeritus Professor David Dewar
Former Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and the
Built Environment; BP Chair of Planning; urban structure
and form; place making; informal housing; housing policy;
informal economic development; public space; regional
planning and development.
Emeritus Professor Lucien le Grange
Urban Conservation Policy; Urban Design; Mission
Settlements in South Africa; Documenting modern
architecture in Cape Town. Contemporary Architecture –
Theory and Practice.
Emeritus Professor Fabio Todeschini
Architect, city planner, urban designer, heritage practitioner.
Emeritus Professor Heinz Rüther
Digital close range and aerial photogrammetry; precise
engineering surveying; geographic information systems;
visualisation and 3D modeling.
Emeritus Associate Professor Charles
Earth’s gravity field; global positioning system; co-ordinate
Mr. Barrie Gasson
Ecologically sustainable cities; regional planning and
Contact Details
School of Architecture, Planning and Geomatics, University
of Cape Town, Private Bag X3, Rondebosch, 7701,
Republic of South Africa
Telephone and Fax:
Architecture: Tel: SA (21) 650-2374 and Fax: SA (21)
Planning: Tel: SA (21) 650-2359 and Fax: SA (21) 689-9466
Geomatics: Tel: SA (21) 650-3577 and Fax: SA (21) 650-3572
Research output
Chapters in books
Bodin, O., Ramirez-Sanchez, S., Ernstson, H. and Prell,
C. 2011. A social relational approach to natural resource
governance. In O. Bodin and C. Prell (eds), Social
Networks and Natural Resource Management, pp. 3-28.
United Kingdom: Cambridge University Press. ISBN 978
0 5217 6629 6.
Crona, B., Ernstson, H., Prell, C., Reed, M. and Hubacek,
K. 2011. Combining social network approaches with social
theories to improve understanding of natural resource