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UCT Research Report '11
Postdoctoral Fellows
Dr Mayeli Alvarez-Silva
An investigation into the role of the froth phase in the
flotation of UG2 ore using a laboratory column flotation cell
Dr Theresa Feltes
Preparation and characterization of nano-materials for
Fischer-Tropsch synthesis.
Dr Thebe Mokone
Acid mine drainage remediation using sulphate reduction
Dr Qiling Naidoo
Synthesis core-shell platinum group metal electrocatalysts
by different approaches
Dr John Stenson
Impact on yeast cell wall structure on cell strength,
resilience and product release.
Dr Angela Stott
Developing interactive quizzes for improving conceptual
learning in science education.
International Visitors
Prof Frano Barbir
University of Split, Croatia
Prof Eldred Chimovitz
University of Rochester (USA)
Susan Cozzens
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Anna Danielson
University of Cambridge, UK
Dr Mark Debe
3M, Minneapolos, USA
Dr Denis Kramer
Imperial College, University of London
Dr Anthony Kucernak
Imperial College, University of London, UK
Prof Claude Lamy
University of Poitiers, France
Prof Marcelo Linardi
Nuclear & Energy Research Institute (IPEN), Sao Paulo,
Prof Don McKee
Retired Professor & Founding Director of the Sustainable
Minerals Institute,
University of Brisbane
Dr Jens Mueller
Smart Fuel Cells, Germany
Hideyuki Murakami
National Institute for Materials Science, Japan
Dr Barry Murrer
Johnson Matthey (UK)
Dr Peter Neubauer
Technische Universitat Berlin
Dr Mike Nichol
Murdoch University, Perth, Australia
Prof Patrice Nortier
Grenoble INP - Pagora, France
A/Prof Katsuhiro Nose
University of Tokyo, Japan
Dr Liz Roussel
Johnson Matthey (UK)
Prof Gunther Scherer
Paul Scherer Institut Switzerland
Prof Thomas Schmidt
Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland
Prof Alla Smirnova
Eastern Connecticut State University, USA
Dr Natalia Streltsova
Vale, USA
Prof Yasuyuki Takata
Graduate School of Engineering, Kyushu University, Japan
A/Prof Rie Umetsu
Tohoku University, Japan
Masahiro Yamamura
Department of International Affairs JST, Japan
Prof Andy York
Johnson Matthey (UK)
Graham Sim, Laurel Pickett and Mabuya Canon
GE Power and Water, Australia
Piero Arcangeli and Chris de Jager
Mettler Toledo, Switzerland