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faculty of engineering & the built environment
Research Fields and Staff
Permanent Staff
Professor K.S. Cattell
Head of Department: Value management; workplace
facilities management; learning spaces; the impact of HIV/
AIDS on the South African construction industry; corruption
in the construction industry; and stress management for
built environment professionals.
Professor P.A. Bowen
Value management; project procurement; project
briefing as an interpersonal communication process; the
sustainability assessment of buildings; the impact of HIV/
AIDS on the South African construction industry; corruption
in the construction industry; and stress management for
built environment professionals.
Associate Professor K.A. Michell
Facilities management as a social and community
enterprise in low-income areas of cities; work space
planning in buildings; learning spaces.
Associate Professor F. Viruly
Urban Economics; Property Development; Property
feasibility studies; Property and Building Cycles; Property
and the Macro economy; Econometric forecasting of the
Commercial and Residential property markets; Institutions
and the structure of property markets.
Dr S. Allen
Senior Lecturer: Successful delivery of strategic economic
infrastructure, programmes and construction projects and
the realization of benefits arising from these, specifically
through the optimization and appropriate use of project
procurement systems; integrated construction project
delivery processes; sustainable technologies; and
performance measurement and benchmarking.
Mrs E. Edwardes
Senior Lecturer: Education in Construction Studies;
enhancement of skills required for Construction Studies.
Mrs K. Evans
Senior Lecturer: Work with the African Centre for Cities
Research Laboratory; innovative financing of medium to
low-income housing from the perspective of end-users;
working capital, bridging finance and wholesale finance.
Mr I. Jay
Senior Lecturer: Project Management – particularly in the
area of project strategy and project portfolio (Programme)
management. Application of value models to portfolio
balancing, and enterprise wide project management
structures and systems. Value Management – particular
focus on client values, determination of project measures of
success (success criteria) and modelling of client values.
Mrs K. le Jeune
Senior Lecturer: Gender related issues within the Built
Environment professions; green buildings; service
learning and application in construction education; social
responsibility and construction education.
Mr J. Marks
Senior Lecturer: Entrepreneurial thinking; skills migration,
learning spaces; experiential learning; integrated learning.
Mr M. Massyn
Senior Lecturer: Skills and competencies of SME’s within the
construction industry; procurement systems using in housing
delivery with particular emphasis on the PHP delivery system.
Mr R. McGaffin
Senior Lecturer: The relationship between land economics
and planning; property markets and value-capture;
Housing and affordable housing markets.
Dr M. Mooya
Senior Lecturer: Informal/Low Income Property Markets,
Property Market Process, Property Valuation Theory and
Practice, Epistemology and Methodology in Property
Market Research.
Dr A. Windapo
Senior Lecturer: Contractor performance and development
studies; housing procurement and development studies;
risk and quality management processes on construction
projects and health, safety and environmental issues.
Dr E. Hurst
Academic Development Lecturer: Academic literacies;
student-centred learning and assessment; identity and
agency; the sociolinguistic study of the links between
language, style and identity.
Contact Details
Postal address: Department of Construction Economics &
University of Cape Town, Private Bag X3, Rondebosch,
7701, South Africa
Telephone: +27 21 650 3443
Fax: +27 21 689 7564
Research output
Articles in Peer-reviewed Journals
Bowen, P.A., Cattell, K.S., Jay, C.I. and Edwards, P. 2011.
Value management in the South African manufacturing
industry: exploratory findings. Management Decision,
49(1): 6-28.