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UCT Research Report '11
Dr A. Mishra
Senior Lecturer; Radar Signal Processing and Machine
Dr A. Murgu
Senior Lecturer, Telecommunications, Networks, IP and
Network Reliability
Dr F.C. Nicolls
Senior Lecturer; Image processing, signal processing and
computer vision
Mr. A.W.D. Jongens
Senior Lecturer; Acoustics, acoustical properties of
materials; environmental & transportation noise
Mr. M.J.E. Ventura
Senior Research Officer, Broadband communications &
applications; digital systems
Mrs K.E Awodele
Lecturer, Power System Reliability
Dr O.E. Falowo
Lecturer, Communications
Mr S. Ginsberg
Lecturer, Digital systems
Mr I. Khan
Lecturer, High frequency power electronics, induction
Mr M.S. Tsoeu
Lecturer, Control and Instrumentation
Ms R.A. Verrinder
Lecturer, Evolutionary and Biorobotics, Control and
Mr S. Winberg
Lecturer, High Performance Computing & Software Defined
Honorary/Emeritus Professors
Emeritus Professor G. de Jager
Image processing; machine vision and image compression
Emeritus Professor S.G. McLaren
Emeritus Professor A. Petroianu
Power system analysis; operation and control
Emeritus Professor K.M. Reineck
Emeritus Associate Professor J.R. Greene
Computational Intelligence
Contact Details
Postal address: Department of Electrical Engineering,
University of Cape Town,
Private Bag X3, Rondebosch, 7701
Telephone: +27 21 650 2811
Fax: +27 21 650 3465
Research output
Chapters in books
Falowo, O.E. and Chan, H.A. 2011. Radio resource
management in heterogeneous cellular networks.
In A. Melikov (ed.), Cellular Networks Positioning,
Performance Analysis Reliability. India: Intech. ISBN
Spiers, R., Good, R. and Ventura, M.J.E. 2011. Service
orchestration in the IP multimedia subsystem. In S.A.
Ahson and M. Llyas (eds), Service Delivery Platforms:
Developing and Deploying Converged Multimedia. New
York: CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group. ISBN 978-1-
Articles in Peer-reviewed Journals
Basu, A.K., Chowdhury, S.P., Chowdhury, S. and Paul,
S. 2011. Microgrids: energy management by strategic of
DERs - a comprehensive survey. Renewable & Sustainable
Energy Reviews, 15: 4348-4356.
Brooker, M. and Inggs, M.R. 2011. A signal level simulator
for multistatic and netted radar systems. IEEE Transactions
on Aerospace and Electronic Systems, 47(1): 178-186.
Chan, H.A., Yokota, H., Xie, J., Seite, P. and Liu, D.
2011. Distributed and dynamic mobility management in
mobile Internet: current approaches and issues. Journal
of Communication, 6(1): 4-15.
Edimu, M., Gaunt, C.T. and Herman, R. 2011. Using
probability distribution functions in reliability analysis.
Electric Power Systems Research, 81(4): 915-921.
Falowo, O.E. and Chan, H.A. 2011. Effect of mobile
terminal heterogeneity on call blocking / dropping
probability in cooperative heterogeneous cellular networks.
Telecommunication Systems, 47(3-4): 337-349.
Folly, K.A. 2011. Performance evaluation of power system
stabilizers based on population-based incremental