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Professor Bongani Mayosi, Head of the Department
of Medicine at Groote Schuur Hospital and UCT,
received two major national accolades relating
to his work in building, managing, and leading
capacity development at UCT.
After receiving the 2011 NRF Transformation of the
Science Cohort Award, which recognises an individual
who, according to the organisation, “has played an
outstanding role in addressing the challenges of
getting more women and black scientists to advance
world-class research performance”, he was also
named the winner of the 2011/2012 NSTF-BHP Billiton
Award for his contribution to science, engineering,
technology, and innovation through management and
related activities over the last decade
The NRF’s
Transformation of the Science Cohort Award was
introduced in 2007. It is focused on transforming the
science cohort to be more representative of South
African demographics.
With both awards, Professor Mayosi was hailed for
his scholarly work, as well as for his contributions to
mentorship.Hisachievements include theestablishment
of research capacity-building programmes and the
development of healthcare policy.
Billiton awards
for UCT Head
of Medicine
Field of study
Business Administration; Information Systems
United Arab Emirates; Nigeria; United States of America
& the Built Environment
Chemical Engineering; Civil Engineering; Electrical
Germany; Canada; United States of America; Hong Kong,
China; Turkey
Health Sciences
Biomedical Engineering; Cell Biology; Clinical Science and
Immunology; Exercise Science; Human Genetics; Medical
Biochemistry; Medical Virology; Medicine; Physiology;
KwaZulu Natal, South Africa; Johannesburg, South Africa;
Zimbabwe; United States of America; France; Canada;
Belgium; Turkey; Austria; Switzerland; Italy; United
Drama; English Language and Literature; Environmental
and Geographical Studies; Film Studies; Higher Education
Studies; Linguistics; Psychological Research; Psychology;
Social Anthropology
Grahamstown, South Africa; Johannesburg, South Africa;
France; Wales; United States of America; Canada; Turkey;
United Kingdom
Criminology; Public Law
Durban, South Africa; Australia; United Kingdom
Applied Mathematics; Archaeology; Botany; Chemistry;
Computer Science; Environmental and Geographical
Science; Mathematical Statistics; Mathematics; Molecular
and Cell Biology; Physical Oceanography; Physics; Zoology
Gauteng, South Africa; Port Elizabeth, South Africa; Spain;
Canada; United States of America; Brazil; United Kingdom;
Greece; China; Switzerland; Argentina; Kenya; Namibia;
India; Mexico
Table 5
Conference travel destinations of postgraduate students in 2011