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Computational Mechanics
Professor Daya Reddy, who holds the SARChI Chair in Computational Mechanics, is a member
of the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, and Director of the Centre for
Research in Computational and Applied Mechanics (Cerecam). He is a graduate of UCT
and Cambridge University, and served as dean of the Faculty of Science between 1999 and
2005. The focus of the research chair is on mathematical modelling of material behaviour, for
example, solids at the microstructural level and non-Newtonian fluids; and the development of
algorithms for numerical simulations. The research is highly multi-disciplinary with applications
in the biomedical sciences and engineering.
Scientific Computing
Kevin J Naidoo (PhD, Michigan; postdoctoral fellow, Cornell) is Professor in Physical Chemistry
and since 2007 he has been the holder of the SARChI Chair in Scientific Computing. In 2009
he established the Scientific Computing Research Unit (SCRU) at UCT. Luminaries such as
Dr Neil Lane, the science advisor to the then President of the United States, Bill Clinton, have
visited his laboratory. His research group develops computational methods to discover the
fundamental mechanisms driving chemical reactions, and catalytic, biological, and industrial
processes. In 2009, the Nvidia Corporation awarded Professor Naidoo a long-term Nvidia
Professor Partnership grant to advance the group’s research programme that is centered on accelerating scientific
software using General Purpose Graphical Processing Units (GPGPUs). He is known for his invention of the highly
successful FEARCF (Free Energies from Reaction Co-ordinate Forces) method that is used to predict dynamic
properties in chemistry and biology.
Chairs associated with this theme
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