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FACULTY OF health scienceS
his MMed dissertation before taking his final fellowship
examination. Dr Crispin Thompson completed his training
and took up a senior registrar position in Leeds; this post
was filled by Dr Ncedile Mankahla.
Dr Peter Ssenyonga also completed his training and
returned to Uganda to take up a position at CURE Children’s
Hospital in Mbale where he joined another UCT-trained
neurosurgeon Dr John Mugamba. In view of this track
record, CURE wished to continue their relationship with UCT
in funding the training of a third Ugandan, Dr Emmanuel
Wegoye who commences his training in 2012. In order
to contribute to the development of neurosurgery on our
continent, we have priorised the training of supernumerary
registrars from elsehwere in Africa and we are fortunate to
have another two talented trainees in Dr Mogere (Kenya)
and Dr Mohamed Ben-Husein (Libya).
Associate Professor Allan Taylor and Dr David Le Feuvre
presented at the International Peer Review Meeting in
Val d’Iser and the SNIS meeting in Colorado, USA.
Professor Taylor was an invited speaker at the Canadian
Congress of Neurosciences (Vancouver), the Boerhaeve
Course in the Netherlands and the PLANET course in
Thailand. The highlight of the year was undoubtedly
hosting the 11
bienniel congress of the World Federation
for Interventional and Therapeutic Neuroradiology in Cape
Town in November. With over 1200 delegates this was the
largest and most successful meeting ever of this rapidly
growing international society and a real tribute to their
international standing.
Dr Sally Rothemeyer, Dr Roger Melvill and Profesor
Fieggen hosted the Interim Meeting of the World Society
for Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery later that
month. This primarily educational meeting was also
enormously successful, supported by a wide range of
international experts and attended by delegates from 20
African countries.
Dr David Welsh was invited to present at the Cervical
Spine Research Society meeting (St Louis, USA). Professor
Semple contributed to the international consortium of
pituitary surgeons and visited CURE Hospital in Uganda
to consolidate our links with that institution.
Associate Professor Tony Figaji was promoted ad hominem
to full professor. He was an invited speaker at the 5
Congress of Pediatric Intensive Care Societies (Sydney,
Australia), the International Neurotrauma Symposium
(Shanghai, China), the 14
Interim Meeting of the WFNS
(Recife, Brazil) and the XVth International Symposium on
Brain Oedema (Tokyo, Japan). Furthermore he has been
invited to host two international meetings, the 3
meeting of the International Society for Intraoperative
Neurophysiology (2013) and the International Neurotrauma
Congress (2016). He was invited to join the Pediatric Brain
Injury Consortium and convened a symposium on
intracerebral microdialysis attended by Professor Peter
Siesjo and Dr David Cederberg (Lund, Sweden) and Dr
Adel Helmy (Cambridge, UK).
Dr Llewellyn Padayachy attended the second and third
cycle of the Eurpean Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery
Course in Hong Kong and Malaysia, becoming the
first South African neurosurgeon to graduate from this
course. He presented at the International Society for
Pediatric Neurosurgery meeting in Goa, India and was
an invited speaker at the WFNS course in Taipei.
Professor Graham Fieggen was invited to speak at the
Interim Meeting of the WFNS (Recife, Brazil), the 39
ISPN Annual Meeting (Goa, India) and continued to serve
on the faculty on the ESPN course (Limerick, Ireland).
The activities of the full-time staff are enhanced by
regular input from both former Chairs and five part-time
consultants. Emeritus Professor Jonathan Peter was
supported by a DoHET grant from the Department of
Surgery to help with postgraduate and undergraduate
education while also playing a leading role in the
development of intraoperative neurophysiology program.
Research was funded by grants from the MRC (PI: AG
Fieggen) and the Wellcome Trust (PI: AA Figaji) and
generous support was received from the Mauerberger
Fund. Seven papers were published in international
peer-reviewed journals and members of the department
served on the editorial boards of Neurosurgery, Childs
Nervous System, World Neurosurgery and Interventional
Members of the Division continue to play leading
roles in other international and national neurosurgical
organisations with Professor Semple elected as President
of the College of Neurosurgeons for the triennium 2011-
2014, Professor Taylor serving as Secretary of the
Society of Neurosurgeons of South Africa and Dr David
Welsh serving as Secretary-Treasurer of the Spine
Society and AO South Africa.
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