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FACULTY OF health scienceS
SSM Students
Research Fields and Staff
Permanent Staff
Professor Peter Zilla
Head of Division
Associate Professor Johan Brink
Clinical Director
Dr Paul Human
Research Director
Associate Professor John Hewitson
Section Head: Paediatric Surgery
Associate Professor Thomas Franz
Section Head: Biomechanics
Dr Loven Moodley
Section Head: Thoracic Surgery
Dr Andre Brooks
Senior Consultant
Dr Deon Bezuidenhout
Senior Lecturer: Section Head Polymer Sciences
Dr Neil Davies
Senior Lecturer, Section Head Biology and Regeneration
Contact Details
Chris Barnard Division Of Cardiothoracic Surgery
D24, New Groote Schuur Hospital, Anzio Road,
OBSERVATORY 7925, Cape Town, South Africa
Tel: +27 21 406 6181
Fax: +27 21 448 1145
UCT General enquiries: +27 21 650 9111
UCT web:
Cardiovascular Research Unit
Room 3.13, Chris Barnard Building, Faculty of Health
Sciences, University of Cape Town, Anzio Road,
OBSERVATORY 7925, Cape Town, South Africa
Tel: +27 21 406 6476/6385
Fax: +27 21 448 5935
Division of Plastic Surgery
Head of Division: Professor DA Hudson
Divisional Profile
The Division of Plastic Surgery combines an academic
hospital service, with university teaching, clinical training
and research. The division also functions at Red Cross
Children’s Hospital and pressures sores are dealt with
at Eerste River Hospital. Specialist tertiary services are
provided to patients of the Western Cape and beyond.
The Department is actively involved in a number of
multidisciplinary which include:
1. head and neck cancer clinic
2. skin cancer clinic
3. melanoma clinic
4. transsexual clinic
5. combined breast clinic
Multi-disciplinary clinics at Red Cross Children Hospital
1. Cleft lip and palate clinic
2. Inter sex scar clinic
3. Cranio facial clinic
4. Congenital ear clinic
5. Congenital hand clinic
Teaching is provided to fifth year medical students PAMS
and specialist training of post graduates is undertaken –
including supernumerary registrars from other countries.
The Department is actively involved in research in all
aspects of Plastic Surgery, including paediatric Plastic
The Department enjoys a strong partnership with
colleagues in private practise. These part time surgeons
provide valuable input to the Department both in teaching
and in clinical services.
The division has enjoyed some success in 2011. Firstly
Dr Saleigh Adams was appointed a full time consultant
Red Cross Hospital-the first appointment of this kind to
an expanding sub speciality. Secondly the Division has
had 2 successful PhD candidates in successive years
Dr Rickard in 2010. In 2011 Dr N. Kairinos obtained his
PhD in the mechanism action of negative pressive wound
The Division continued to conduct research in breast
reconstruction, complex wounds, paediatric plastic
surgery, microsurgery and buns.