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UCT Research Report '11
Permanent and Long Term Contract Staff
Senior Lecturers
Administrative Staff
Research Fields and Staff
Prof. D.A. Hudson
Breast Reconstruction; Wound Healing; Burns.
Dr K. Adams
Management of complex wounds, Transsexual Surgery,
Dr S. Adams
Cleft Lip Palate; Lower leg Reconstruction, Burns
Contact Details
Postal address: Department of Plastic, Reconstructive &
Maxillo-Facial Surgery, Room H53/69, Old Main Building,
Groote Schuur Hospital, Observatory, 7925, Republic of
South Africa.
Tel: +27 21 406 6415
Fax: +27 21 406 6649
UCT General enquiries: +27 21 650 9111
UCT web:
Research output
Chapters in books
Navsaria, P.H. 2011. SNOM: Conservative Management of
Solid Viscera. In G.C. Velmahos(ed.), SNOM: Conservative
Management of Solid Viscera. New York: Springer
Heidelberg Dordrecht. ISBN 978-3-642-20452-4.
Articles in Peer-reviewed Journals
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