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UCT Research Report '11
Department of Anaesthesia
Department of Paediatrics and
Child Health
Department of Clinical
Laboratory Science
Department of Health and
Rehabilitation Sciences
Department of Human Biology
Department of Medicine
Department of Obstetrics
and Gynaecology
Primary Health Care Directorate
Department of Psychiatry and
Mental Health
School of Public Health and
Family Medicine
Department of Radiation
Department of Surgery
The faculty also hosts eight of the university’s 29 SARChI
Chairs and 21 research groupings or entities that are
accredited by the University Research Committee. Three
academics linked to the faculty, Professor Bongani Mayosi
(Head of Department: Medicine), Professor Heather Zar,
and Emeritus Professor Kit Vaughan (with the PantoScanner
team at CapeRay Medical, a UCT spin-off company),
were honoured this year with 2011/12 National Science
and Technology Forum (NSTF)-BHP Billiton Awards for
excellence in scientific research, technological innovation,
education, capacity building, and communication.
A notable achievement in the past year was the increase
in the number of publications in peer-reviewed, accredited