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FACULTY OF health scienceS
journals by our faculty, from 846 publications (348.89 units)
in 2008 and 931 publications (370.94 units) in 2009, to
1 077 publications (378.07 units) – or 36 percent of UCT’s
total) – being published in 2010. This is approximately
70 percent more than the number of publications, as
measured by units, achieved five years ago. Publication
counts for 2011 are pending but are expected to have
increased further.
To continue this impressive trajectory, during 2011 the
Faculty Research Committee was engaged in developing
its strategic plan for research for the period 2012 to 2020,
on the basis of widespread consultation and participation
from staff across the faculty, following the report from the
international experts who conducted an external review
of the faculty’s research enterprise in 2010. Some of the
external review recommendations have already been
implemented, including the strengthening of research
governance, increased support for MMed research
projects, a 33 percent increase in publication subsidy
allocated to departments, and increased investment in
the faculty’s core facilities and services. The faculty’s new
research strategy for 2012 to 2020, and more importantly,
clear plans of action, will be launched in its centenary year.
Moving forward, the faculty retains its accountability to the
community we serve and continues to apply its research to
addressing the burden of disease in our province, country
and continent. To meet growing healthcare demands
and continue our crucial role in advancing better health
for all, the faculty must expand its core function of
undergraduate education, postgraduate training, and,
importantly, research. We will continue to support the long-
term sustainability of existing research units, while working
to address priorities identified during the external review:
enabling research by further strengthening core facilities
and core support services, and encouraging increased
research productivity through innovative funding strategies
for both established and emerging research groups. To
this end, an active search for increasing internal and
external funding will be a priority.
Looking back on a productive year for the faculty, I
extend appreciation to our funders, donors, partners and
collaborators who have worked with us during 2011, and
who continue to share in the success of our achievements.
I also express my sincere gratitude to the staff and
students for their dedication to advancing and deepening
our research goals and achievements. As we enter our
year, we look forward to translating our successes
into significant impacts on the health of the public – locally,
nationally and across our continent.
Professor Marian Jacobs
Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences
Doctoral graduations
N. Allie (Clinical Laboratory Sciences)
The role of cell specific tumour necrosis factor in
the host’s immune response against mycobacterium
tuberculosis infection.
Supervised by
Associate Professor M. Jacobs
C. Anthony (Clinical Laboratory Sciences)
The importance of n-linked glycosylation on the
n-domain of angiotensin-i converting enzyme.
Supervised by
Professor E.D. Sturrock and Dr S.L.
R.D. Ballim (Human Biology)
The regulation of TBX3 by TBX2 and by the retinoic
acid signaling pathway.
Supervised by
Dr S. Prince
J. Blanckenberg (Medicine)
Molecular genetics of arrhythmogenic right ventricular
cardiomyopathy in South Africa.
Supervised by
Professor B. Mayosi
Z. Bruwer (Clinical Laboratory Sciences)
An investigation into factors which have an impact
on access to and utilisation of the genetic and
endoscopic surveillance clinic offered to high-risk
members of known Lynch families.
Supervised by
Professor R. Ramesar and Dr M. Futter
H. Buchanan (Health and Rehabilitation
Evidence-based practice in the occupational therapy
profession in South Africa and the Western Cape.
Supervised by
Professor J. Jelsma
D. Crombie (Human Biology)
The role of emotional intelligence in sports
Supervised by
Professor T. Noakes
S. Dobner (Surgery)
Investigations into the stability of growth factor –
induced vasculature and the effects of synthetic
biomaterials on heart remodelling after myocardial
Supervised by
Dr N. Davies
R. Domingo (Clinical Laboratory Sciences)
Characterisation of the angiotensin-converting enzyme
sheddase and synthesis of peptidomimetic inhibitors.
Supervised by
Professor E.D. Sturrock
R.G. Douglas (Clinical Laboratory Sciences)
The significance of active site residues in n-domain
selectivity of angiotensin-converting enzyme.
Supervised by
Professor E.D. Sturrock