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FACULTY OF health scienceS
Z. Mbulawa (Clinical Laboratory Sciences)
A study of genital human papillomavirus (HPV) infection
and antibody response in heterosexually active South
African couples.
Supervised by
Professor A-L. Williamson and Professor
L. Bekker
G.A. Meintjes (Medicine)
Diagnosis, treatment and immunopathogenesis of the
HIV-associated tuberculosis immune reconstitution
inflammatory syndrome.
Supervised by
Professor R. Wilkinson
K. Middelkoop (Medicine)
The effect of HIV and an antiretroviral treatment
programme on tuberculosis transmission, incidence and
prevalence in a South African township.
Supervised by
Professor R. Wood
N. Mkhize (Clinical Laboratory Sciences)
Highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) in the control
of genital tract HIV shedding and reconstitution of
immune responses in HIV-infected women.
Supervised by
Dr J. Passmore
J. Moodley (Public Health and Family
Prevention of cervical cancer in South Africa:
opportunities and challenges.
Supervised by
Professor J. Myers and Professor M.
K. Murphy (Public Health and Family Medicine)
The development and evaluation of a smoking cessation
programme for disadvantaged pregnant women in South
Supervised by
Dr C. Mathews and Dr K. Steyn
M. Ntsekhe (Medicine)
Studies of effusive constructive pericarditis.
Supervised by
Professor B. Mayosi
A.J. Olivier (Clinical Laboratory Sciences)
Studies on immunity in the male genital tract.
Supervised by
Dr W. Burgers and Dr J. Passmore
K. Plattner (Human Biology)
The association between exercise-induced muscle
damage and cortical activity in the alpha and beta
frequency range.
Supervised by
Professor M.I. Lambert
A. Pluddemann (Psychiatry and Mental Health)
Methamphetamine (tik) use, sexual risk, aggression
and mental health among schoolgoing adolescents in
Cape Town.
Supervised by
Associate Professor C. Lund and
Professor C. Parry
B. Rose (Clinical Laboratory Sciences)
The regulation of type I collagen gene expression in
stromal fibroblast by breast tumour cells.
Supervised by
Professor I. Parker
I.L. Ross (Medicine)
The aetiopathogenesis, cardiovascular and metabolic
complications, and pharmacogenomics of Addison’s
disease in South Africa.
Supervised by
Professor N.S. Levitt, Professor A.D.
Marais and Professor T.S. Pillay
A. Saban (Psychiatry and Mental Health)
The association between psychopathology and
substance use in young people.
Supervised by
Professor L. London and Dr N.
M. Setshedi (Medicine)
Impairments in signaling cascades mediating the
progression of liver disease from chronic hepatitis
to hepatocellular carcinoma in animal and human
Supervised by
Dr S. de la Monte, Professor M. Kew
and Professor J. Wands
A. Soares (Child and Adolescent Health)
Changes in the BCG-induced T cell response over the
first year of life.
Supervised by
Associate Professor W. Hanekom and
Dr T. Scriba
S. Somers (Medicine)
The role of signal transducer and activator of
transcription – 3 (STAT-3) in ischaemic and
pharmacological postconditioning.
Supervised by
Associate Professor S. Lecour and
Professor L.H. Opie
J.R. Sutherland (Clinical Laboratory
The role of seminal plasma in cervical carcinoma.
Supervised by
Associate Professor A. Katz
R. Tadokera (Clinical Laboratory Sciences)
Immunological characterisation of the HIV-Tuberculosis
associated immune reconstitution inflammatory
Supervised by
Professor R. Wilkinson, Dr K. Wilkinson
and Dr G. Meintjes
N.G. Tena-Coki (Clinical Laboratory
Investigations of mycobacteria-specific memory/
effector T cell responses in HIV-infected children
receiving antiretroviral therapy.
Supervised by
Dr B. Kampmann, Professor
W. Hanekom and Dr T. Scriba