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UCT Research Report '11
J.P. Evans (Human Biology)
The impact of obesity and inflammation on metabolic risk
factors for cardiovascular disease and type two diabetes
in black and white South African women.
Supervised by
Dr J. Goedecke
B.N. Garshong (Public Health and Family
Benefit incidence of health services in Ghana and access
factors influencing benefit distribution.
Supervised by
Professor D. McIntyre
K. Gordon (Clinical Laboratory Sciences)
Protein-protein interactions of human somatic
angiotensin-converting enzyme.
Supervised by
Professor E.D. Sturrock and
Dr S.L. Schwager
L. Graham (Clinical Laboratory Sciences)
The functional characterisation of the C-type lectin: Clecsf8.
Supervised by
Professor G. Brown
J. Harries (Public Health and Family Medicine)
Abortion services in South Africa: Challenges and
barriers to safe abortion care: Health care providers’
Supervised by
Dr C. Colvin and Associate Professor
D. Cooper
A.T. Hess (Human Biology)
Real-time motion and main magnetic field correction
in MR spectroscopy using an EPI volumetric
Supervised by
Associate Professor E. Meintjes and
Dr A.J. van der Kouwe
J. Ipser (Psychiatry and Mental Health)
The relationship between impulsivity, affect and a
history of psychological adversity: A cognitive-affective
neuroscience approach.
Supervised by
Professor D. Stein
J. Joska (Psychiatry and Mental Health)
Neurocognitive disorders in young adults commencing
highly active antiretroviral treatment in the Western
Supervised by
Professor D. Stein
K. Kadner (Surgery)
Investigation of synthetic hydrogels as therapy for
myocardial infarction.
Supervised by
Dr N. Davies
B. Kagina (Clinical Laboratory Sciences)
Association between BCG-induced immunity and risk of
TB disease.
Supervised by
Associate Professor W. Hanekom and Dr
B. Abel
N. Kairinos (Surgery)
The biomechanics of negative-pressure wound
Supervised by
Professor D.A. Hudson
M. Kamupira (Public Health and Family
Dyad-related factors in HIV prevention.
Supervised by
Associate Professor L. Myer
J. Karpelowsky (Child and Adolescent
The effects of Human Immunodeficiency Virus on
outcomes in children undergoing surgery.
Supervised by
Professor H.J. Zar
U. Kyriacos (Health and Rehabilitation
The development, validation and testing of a vital
signs monitoring tool for early identification of
deterioration in adult surgical patients.
Supervised by
Professor J. Jelsma and Professor
M.F.M. James
N. Leon (Public Health and Family Medicine)
An evaluation of a provider-initiated HIV testing
and counselling (PITC) intervention for patients with
sexually transmitted infections (STI) in Cape Town,
South Africa.
Supervised by
Dr C. Mathews and Dr S. Lewin
L.J. Liebenberg (Clinical Laboratory
Inflammation and T-cell activation at the female genital
tract: the impact on HIV disease progression, risk of
transmission, and susceptibility to HIV infection.
Supervised by
Dr J. Passmore and Associate
Professor F. Little
M.J. Lombard (Human Biology)
Development and validation of a dietary assessment
tool to determine dietary intake of people living in
oesophageal cancer risk areas in the rural Eastern
Cape of South Africa.
Supervised by
Professor N. Steyn and Professor M.
K. Matthews (Medicine)
Immunological analysis of pericardial tuberculosis.
Supervised by
Dr K.A. Wilkinson, Professor B. Mayosi
and Associate Professor R. Wilkinson
P. Mbele (Clinical Laboratory Sciences)
Evaluation of a reverse tetracycline inducible
system in recombinant BCG to improve stability and
Supervised by
Dr R. Chapman and Professor A-L.