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UCT Research Report '11
Associate Professor Marjanne Senekal
Head: Division of Human Nutrition, Weight management and
health interventions, dietary assessment, nutritional genomics
Dr Colin Andrew
MIRU: Part-time lecturer; Spatiotemporal EEG dynamics;
EEG signal processing, including spectral and coherence
analysis. Current application to study of Fetal Alcohol
Syndrome in children
Ms Elmi Badenhorst
Lecturer; medical education, underpreparedness and
academic performance
Ms Sharmilah Booley
Lecturer; Division of Human Nutrition; Nutrition, HIV/AIDS
and quality of life; nutrition related behaviour change
interventions for prevention and management of chronic
diseases of lifestyle (school and work-place based)
Dr Kishor Bugarith
Senior Lecturer; physiology, neurobiology of stress,
neurobiology of food intake
Ms Dinah Curling
Lecturer (part-time) Division of Human Nutrition
Dr Lester M. Davids
Senior Lecturer; redox and antioxidant biology; skin
cancer, pigmentary disorders of the skin, vitiligo, hair
follicle biology
Ms Zarina Ebrahim
Clinical Educator (part-time); Division of Human Nutrition
Dr Jacqui Friedling
Lecturer; skeletal biology; physical anthropology
Ms Lenore Fuller
Lecturer (part-time) Division of Human Nutrition
Dr Julia H. Goedecke
RUESSM: Senior Lecturer, MRC; obesity
Dr Geney Gunston
Senior Lecturer; gross anatomy; clinical anatomy; medical
Dr Asfree Gwanyanya
Senior Lecturer; cardiac pathophysiology, hypertrophy, ion
Ms Janetta Harbron
Lecturer; Division of Human Nutrition; Obesity and other
CDL intervention, Nutritional genomics; Sports nutrition.
Ms Fiona Herrmann
Clinical Educator (part-time); Division of Human Nutrition
Dr Lauren Hill
Lecturer; Division of Human Nutrition, clinical dietetics;
critical care, nutrition in surgical gastroenterology,
gastrointestinal dysfunction, parenteral and enteral
nutrition, oxidative stress and antioxidants
Ms Fatima Hoosen
Clinical Educator (part-time); Division of Human Nutrition
Dr Lester John
MIRU: Senior Lecturer and Software Specialist; EEG &
brain-computer interfacing, EMG & bio-mechatronics,
medical electronics
Dr Roisin Kelly-Laubscher
Lecturer: Cardiovascular Physiology, arterial hemodynamics,
cardioprotection, ischaemia-reperfusion injury
Dr Tracy Kolbe-Alexander
RUESSM: Senior Lecturer, Biokinetics
Ms Baheya Najaar
Lecturer, Division of Human Nutrition, community nutrition,
infant and young child feeding
Mr Mladen Poluta
Senior Lecturer; Director: Healthcare Technology
Dr Delva Shamley
Senior Lecturer; upper limb morbidity in breast cancer,
molecular effects of adjuvant therapies in cancer
Dr Charles P. Slater
Senior Lecturer; anatomy, medical education
Dr Bruce Spottiswoode
MIRU: Senior Lecturer. Cape Universities Brain Imaging
Centre: Magnetic Resonance Imaging studies
Mr Stef Steiner
Lecturer; biomechanics
Dr Sudesh Sivarasu
Lecturer, biomechanics, rehabilitation engineering
Dr Vanessa Tanser
(part-time) medical education
Dr Liz van der Merwe
Senior Lecturer; ocular development and regeneration,
vascular biology, pancreatic islet regeneration, 3-D
microscopic image reconstruction.
Dr Christopher Warton
Senior Lecturer; medical education, teaching materials,
MRI analysis and cerebellar structure