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FACULTY OF health scienceS
Postdoctoral Fellows/Scientific and Research
Officers, Research Associates
Dr Amaal Abrahams
Identifying the molecular basis for treatment resistance in
a subset of myasthenia gravis patients of African ancestry
Dr Yumna Albertus-Kajee
RUESM: Postdoctoral Fellow. Electromyography in
the the prevention of chronic disease in patients, and
neuromuscular adaptations to exercise in athletes.
Dr Robea Ballo
Cell Biology and genetics: Genetics of vitiligo.
Ms Susan Cooper
Microscopy Unit: Technical Officer
Dr Emily Davis
Postdoctoral fellow in cell biology: The role of the
developmentally important transcription factor, TBX2, in
the cell cycle and cancer
Dr Jacqueline Dimatelis
Physiology: Postdoctoral Fellow. Neurophysiology:
Development, stress, exercise and vulnerability to neuronal
injury; Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; Depression
Dr Cathi Draper
RUESSM: Senior Research Officer. Social science aspects
of physical activity as a means of health promotion and
disease prevention. Evaluation of physical activity and
sport-related programmes. Medical Education.
Dr Juliet Evans
RUESM: Postdoctoral Fellow. Metabolic risk factors and
obesity in South African women.
Dr Jesu Christopher Joseph
Analyzing the shape variations of segmented MRI brain
structures in children with Fetal Alcohol SpectrumDisorders
(FASD) by applying shape and deformation analysis.
Mr David Karpul
RUESSM: Senior Scientific Officer: Setting up the
Biomechanics Lab.
Dr Dheshnie Keswell
RUESM: Postdoctoral Fellow. Cellular and molecular
Dr Tertius Kohn
RUESSM: Research Associate. Muscle biochemistry and
exercise science
Mr Sriram Krishnan
Development of a light microscope for automated
identification of TB bacilli in ZN stained sputum smears
Dr Jacolene Kroff
RUESSM: Senior Research Officer: Supervises all research
conducted in the Metabolic Chamber Lab, and sets up
standard operating procedures for all equipment used in
this lab.
Dr Wendy Kröger
Postdoctoral fellow in cell biology: The molecular
mechanisms by which the T-box transcription factor TBX3
contributes to tumourigenesis.
Dr Amod Kulkarni
Postdoctoral Fellow (Claude Leon Foundation). In
vitro and in vivo neuro-pharmacokinetics and
neuropharmacodynamics of natural neuroprotective
Dr Robert Lamberts
Postdoctoral Fellow. The influence of environmental
conditions on predicting performance and monitoring
Dr Barak Morgan
MIRU: Behavioural, physiological and neuroimaging
studies in affective neuroscience
Dr Lisa Micklesfield
RUESSM: Research Associate. Bone health and physical
activity through the different life stages
Dr Tinashe Mutsvangwa
MIRU: Postdoctoral Fellow: stereo-photogrammetry and
facial shape analysis
Dr Michael Posthumus
RUESSM: Postdoctoral Fellow. Molecular and physiological
mechanisms underlying musculoskeletal soft tissue injuries
Dr Dale Rae
RUESSM: Research Associate: Writes the content for the
external ESSM web site.
Dr Laurie Rauch
RUESSM: Research Associate: Brain activity and cognitive
Dr Elske Schabort
RUESSM: Postdoctoral Fellow: Central Governor Model
research group, performance and thermoregulation
Dr Alison V. September
RUESSM: Senior Research Officer. Identifying the genetic
risk factors contributing to Achilles tendon injuries and
other over-use sports injuries
Dr James Smith
Postdoctoral fellow in cell biology: Understanding the
regulation of TBX2 and TBX3 levels in cancer