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Doctoral graduations
A.R. Africa (Psychology)
Women offenders’ narratives of violent crime.
Supervised by
Professor D. Foster
E. Alexander (Education)
Repetition overused as an academic writing strategy: A
case study of Xhosa-English second language speakers.
Supervised by
Associate Professor R. Kapp
T. Baartman (Historical Studies)
Fighting for the spoils. Cape
and faction
disputes in late eighteenth century Cape Town.
Supervised by
Professor N. Worden
B.C. Bradfield (Psychology)
A relational psychoanalytic exploration of the
intergenerational transmission of trauma from mothers to
their adult children.
Supervised by
Professor P. Gobodo-Madikizela
F. Cronje (Centre for Film and Media Studies)
Border crossings: How students negotiate cultural
borders during digital video production.
Supervised by
Dr A. Archer
M.M. Fourie (Psychology)
Guilt in the body and brain: A psychophysiological and
neuroimaging investigation.
Supervised by
Dr K. Thomas
R. Kadosh (School of Language and
Extremist religious philosophy: The radical doctrines of
the Satmar Rebbe.
Supervised by
Dr A. Reisenberger
E.K. Kayembe (School of Language and
L’œuvre de Pius Ngandu Nkashama dans le champ
littéraire africain entre détermination socio-historique et
conquête de l’autonomie.
Supervised by
Associate Professor A. Wynchank and
Professor J-L. Cornille
M.C. Long (Education)
Mathematical, cognitive and didactic elements of the
multiplicative conceptual field investigated within a Rasch
assessment and measurement framework.
Supervised by
Professor T. Dunne and Dr T. Craig
E.H. Ludlow (Historical Studies)
State schooling and the cultural construction of teacher
identity in the Cape Colony, 1839–1865.
Supervised by
Professor N. Worden
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S.M. Malcolm-Smith (Psychology)
Social trauma and the Mu-opioid System in depression.
Supervised by
Dr K. Thomas and Professor M. Solms