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UCT Research Report '11
N. Mammon (Environmental and Geographical
The urban land question: Management and access for
the urban poor in post-Apartheid South Africa.
Supervised by
Professor S. Parnell
P.E. Mangesho (Social Anthropology)
HIV/AIDS, food insecurity and the burden of history: An
ethnographic study from North-eastern Tanzania.
Supervised by
Dr S. Levine and Associate Professor F.
J.F. Mangoma (Social Anthropology)
The effects on local livelihoods of a wetland development
scheme in a Zimbabwean village: An ethnographic study.
Supervised by
Associate Professor A.D. Spiegel
D. Mark (Psychology)
Predicting adherence to antiretroviral therapy and retention
to HIV care: Effects of baseline biopsychosocial status and
neuropsychological functioning.
Supervised by
Professor M. Solms and Professor L.
M.S. Mathee (Historical Studies)
Muftis and their women: History through Timbuktu’s fatwas,
1907 – 1960.
Supervised by
Associate Professor S. Jeppie
T.L. Murphy (Psychology)
An analysis of war trauma and refugee distress among
Bosnian Muslim women: Exploring social and personal
healing in the aftermath.
Supervised by
Professor D. Foster
D.S. Powers (EnglishLanguageandLiterature)
Emigration, literary celebrity, and the autobiographical turn
in J.M. Coetzee’s later fiction.
Supervised by
Associate Professor C. Clarkson
I. Rogobete (Psychology)
Reconstructing trauma and recovery: Life narratives of
survivors of political violence during Apartheid.
Supervised by
Professor D. Foster
A.C. Serote (Sociology)
Blackness in a predominantly white academe: A case of
the University of Cape Town’s Faculty of Health Sciences.
Supervised by
Associate Professor D. Cooper and
Professor L. London
S. Shelmerdine (Psychology)
Pathways to inhumane care: Medical culture and violations
of patients’ rights in a South African emergency unit.
Supervised by
Professor D. Foster and Professor S.
R. Sokolinski (Education)
Exploring coherence of Grade Six students’ views of the
nature of science (NOS) and their views of the natural
world: A South African study.
Supervised by
Associate Professor R. Laugksch
N. Visser (Historical Studies)
A space for conflict: The Scab Acts of the Cape Colony,
circa 1874 – 1911.
Supervised by
Associate Professor L. van Sittert
D.S. Yekela (Historical Studies)
Unity and Division: Aspects of the History of Abathembu
Chieftainship c.1920 – c.1980.
Supervised by
Professor C. Saunders and Professor
L. Ntsebeza