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UCT Research Report '11
Research Assistant
Mr C.O. Moitui
Contact Details
Postal address: Institute of Marine and Environmental Law,
University of Cape Town, Private Bag X3, Rondebosch, 7701
Telephone: +27 21 650 5642
Fax: +27 21 650 5183
Democratic Governance &
Rights Unit
Based in the Department of Public Law at the University
of Cape Town, the DGRU’s mission is to advance the
principles and practice of constitutional democracy in
Africa. Recognising the gap between the promise of
constitutionalism and the reality of daily life for the majority
of Africans, the DGRU aims to stimulate fresh thinking
on the intersection between rights and transformative
governance. In collaboration with others, the DGRU
supports the process of law and policy reform, and informs
public debate, through inter-disciplinary research and
The vision for the future is that in ten years’ time, the DGRU
will have a strong international reputation as a place where
bold new ideas are born and then turned into working
practice, providing a stimulating environment for policy-
makers, academic thinkers and students alike, and an
intellectual bridge between Europe and Africa on some
of the most significant public law issues that face modern
societies everywhere.
Permanent and Contract Staff
Associate Professor R. Calland
Transparency Law & Policy, the Right of Access to
Information, Whistle Blowing, Public Ethics, Political
and Economic Governance, Constitutional Law,
Multistakeholder Processes
Dr K. Bentley
Theories of Rights, Human Rights and Multiculturalism,
Rights of Women and Children
Mr A. Sipondo
Intersection of International Human Rights and International
Trade Law; Health and Human Rights; Constitutionalism and
Governance; Third Generation Rights; and the Intersection
of Religious Rhetoric and the Rights of Sexual Minorities
Mr C. Oxtoby
Judicial Appointments, Judicial Ethics, Human Rights,
Anti-terrorism Law and Practice in Southern and Eastern
Africa and the 2010 World Cup
Administrative Staff
Ms V. Karth
Programme Management and Budget; Events’
Management; Website Management, Marketing & PR
Ms N. Jwaqu
Office Administration and Events’ Organization
Contact details
Postal Address: The Democratic Governance and Rights
Unit, Kramer Law School Building, Middle Campus,
University of Cape Town, Rondebosch, 7700
Tel: +27 21 650 2011
Fax: +27 21 650 5607
Law, Race and Gender
Research Unit
Director: Dr D. Smythe
The Law, Race and Gender Unit (LRG) has worked,
since its inception in 1993, to provide legal decision-
makers with an understanding of the ways in which the
history and social context of our country informs the
creation, application and interpretation of our laws. The
Unit focuses on producing excellent empirical studies
of law in context, based on participatory methodologies
and collaborative partnerships. They publish a work in
progress series, called
Issues in Law, Race & Gender
and convene a very successful seminar series under
the auspices of our Rural Women’s Action Research
Over the years LRG has done research, developed
a range of training materials, and conducted regular
participatory workshops through which actors within
the justice system are able to explore issues such
as gender-based violence, racial discrimination and
inequality, sexuality, ethics and various associated
legal problems. Current work focuses on laws and
practices affecting women living under customary law,
including the Traditional Courts Bill and Communal
Land Rights Act, and related governance issues.
Our work reflects a continued commitment to sound
research underpinning evidence-based advocacy on
critical legal and social issues.