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Institute of Marine and
Environmental Law
Director: Professor J.N.K. Gibson
The Institute of Marine and Environmental Law undertakes
research, teaching and consultancy in the fields of marine
and environmental law both at the international level and
in the context of Southern Africa. It also participates
in multi-disciplinary projects in collaboration with other
specialists in marine and environmental subjects. In
2011, the Institute co-hosted the Annual Colloquium of
the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law on the theme of
water and the law; Associate Professors Loretta Feris and
Alexander Paterson were members of the colloquium’s
organising committee, and four academic staff of the
Institute presented papers. Professor John Gibson
published on the responsibilities of States sponsoring
mining activities on the deep sea bed, and (with Loretta
Feris) co-wrote a chapter on the right to water in South
Africa and Scotland. He also gave a conference paper
on legal liabilities for coastal erosion and flooding due
to sea level rise and climate change, and undertook
research on piracy in African waters. Professor Jan
Glazewski’s research activities were largely in the area
of climate change law and energy law. He co-authored
a number of reports on the topic of climate change
law and on the legal implications of hydraulic fracturing
(‘fracking’) in the Karoo, as well as co-authoring a
chapter in an international book on climate change
liability. Associate Professor Loretta Feris published
a joint chapter with Charles Moitui on the synergies
between African customary law and environmental
lawn, and presented two papers on the subject of
traditional knowledge and trade at the First Annual SADC
Seminar Series in Cape Town and the TRANPROBIO
conference on transboundary protection of biodiversity at
Potchefstroom. Associate Professor Alexander Paterson
successfully completed his PhD focusing on the role
of community-conserved areas as a tool for balancing
South Africa’s land reform and conservation agendas. He
published an array of peer-reviewed journal articles and
book chapters on protected areas governance, natural
commons regulation and indigenous community rights in
protected areas. He also continued to be actively involved
in the work of the IUCN Commission on Environmental
Law, most notably in the preparation of the revised
IUCN Guidelines on Protected Areas Legislation and the
Concept Paper on Connectivity Conservation Law. Ms
Peggy Gumede conducted research on marine pollution
law, investigating intervention at sea to prevent pollution
from ships and also the role of standards set by the
International Maritime Organization.
Permanent and Long-term Contract Staff
Associate Professors
Emeritus Professor
Honorary Research Associate
Administrative and Clerical Staff
Postgraduate Diploma
LLB – Final Year
Non-Law students
Permanent Staff
Professor J.N.K. Gibson
Law of the sea; coastal zone law; environmental law
Professor J.I. Glazewski
Environmental law; energy law, Antarctic, marine
pollution law
Associate Professor L.A. Feris
Environmental law; liability; biodiversity; climate change;
trade and environment.
Associate Professor A.R. Paterson
Environmental Law; biodiversity; protected areas;
environmental fiscal reform
Ms P.K. Gumede
Environmental law; alien invasive species, environmental
management agreements; African customary law; marine
pollution law
Emeritus Professor
Professor D.J. Devine
Law of the sea; international law
Honorary Research Associate
Dr E.V. Witbooi
Law of the sea; marine fisheries
Distinguished Visitor
Dr J. Rochette
Institute for Sustainable Development and International
Relations, Sciences Po, Paris, France