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UCT Research Report '11
Associate Professor David W. Gammon
Natural products chemistry; phytochemical studies on
medicinal plants; carbohydrates; heterogeneous catalysis
of organic reactions.
Professor Roger Hunter
Synthesis; indole alkaloids; calixarenes; p-block synthetic
Associate Professor Alan T. Hutton
Organometallic chemistry; co-ordination chemistry;
microwave chemistry; electrochemistry.
Professor Graham E. Jackson
Nuclear magnetic resonance; computer modelling; metal-
ion equilibria; design of metal containing drugs; copper
and rheumatoid arthritis.
Dr Anwar Jardine
Senior Lecturer: medicinal chemistry; chemical biology;
enzymology; natural product and organic synthesis; drug
design and development.
Professor Kevin J. Naidoo
Computational chemistry; polymers; statistical physics;
pharmaceutical drug design.
Dr Clive Oliver
Lecturer: self-assembly; large supramolecular assemblies;
crystallography; inclusion chemistry.
Associate Professor Neil Ravenscroft
Physicochemical analysis of biologicals; carbohydrates;
glycoconjugate and protein vaccines.
Professor Allen L. Rodgers
Kidney stones; urine chemistry; calcium oxalate
Dr Gregory S. Smith
Senior Lecturer: organometallic chemistry; catalysis; metal-
containing polymers and dendrimers; bio-organometallic
Dr Gerhard Venter
Lecturer: computational chemistry; electronic structure
calculations; free energy methods for properties of
solutions; ionic liquids.
Dr Sarah Wilson
Senior Lecturer.
Senior Scholar
Professor Luigi R. Nassimbeni
Physical chemistry; thermal analysis; kinetics; inclusion
Honorary Research Associates
Dr Shirley C. Churms
Writing and communication within the discipline.
Professor Raymond J. Haines
Organometallic chemistry.
Dr Elizabeth Timme
Assessment of possible immuno-modulatorycarbohydrates
from local and indigenous plants and fungi.
Emeritus Professors
Professor James R. Bull
Organic synthesis; steroidal hormones; 19-norsteroids;
estrogens; bioactive steroids; predictive design;
Professor Peter W. Linder
Solution equilibria of cyclodextrin inclusion complexes.
Professor John R. Moss
Organometallic chemistry; catalysis; inorganic chemistry;
synthesis and properties of new compounds and
Professor Alistair M. Stephen
Carbohydrate chemistry.
Postdoctoral Fellows
Dr Andrew Andayi
New generation of combined drugs to fight tuberculosis
Dr Chris Barnett
Porting molecular dynamics software to graphical
processing units
Dr Nyaradzo Chigorimbo-Tsikiwa
Biocatalytic modification of natural compounds for
metabolite analysis.
Dr Frederic Douelle
Hit to lead and lead optimization medicinal chemistry
progression of antimalarial hits.
Dr Diego Gonzalez-Cabrera
Hit to lead and lead optimization medicinal chemistry
progression of antimalarial hits.
Dr Emma Hager
Development of water-soluble metallodendrimer catalysts
Dr Mukesh Joshi
Synthesis of less lipophilic chloroquine analogues-active
against chloroquine-resistant parasites