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faculty of SCIENCE
Dr Boris-Marko Kukovec
Solid-state studies of large supramolecular assemblies
and metal-organic frameworks
Dr Aman Mahajan
Synthesis of novel antimalarial molecules using various
drug based pharmacophores
Dr Claire le Manach
Hit to lead and lead optimization medicinal chemistry
progression of antimalarial hits.
Dr Stefan Louw
Synthesis of novel artemisinin hybrid anti-malarial drugs.
Dr Jestin Mandumpal
Development of coarse grain molecular dynamics software
for protein folding
Dr Maia Meurillon
New generation of combined drugs to fight Tuberculosis.
Dr Grace Mugumbate
Application of in silico Tools to the discovery of novel anti-
infective agents.
Dr Rajni Sharma
Synthesis of N domain selective ACE inhibitors.
Dr Candice Soares De Melo
New generation of combined drugs to fight tuberculosis
Dr Takalani Theka
Investigation of the effects of ingestion of carbohydrates
sweeteners (glucose, maltitol, lycasin HBC) on kidney
stone risk factors in black and white South Africans
Dr Karl Wilkinson
Acceleration of GAMESS-UK for graphical processing
units reaction mechanism of the CBHI cellulase from
Dr Yassir Younis Adam
Hit to Lead and Lead Optimization Medicinal Chemistry
Progression of Antimalarial Hits
Contact details
Tel: +27 21 650 2446
Fax: +27 21 650 5195
Research output
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